Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hidden Treasures

Treasures are hidden in the depths of the heart
Could you ever guess what I'm thinking?
You should know I am singing another somg to another beat
You know I would kiss you deeply all the way to your feet

I treasure you more than life. Though I have broken the vows between you and me.
I am broken and torn in two. I live in two different world's because of you.
It's said that Love doesn't think twice but can you tell what I am thinking?
What happened to the greatest of ships? Are you in my heart or are you sinking?

The heart is a multifaceted thing. It's precious and can wound so easily.
I am still hurting baby, I am still hurting baby
I will treasure you for life. I am the way the truth and the life.

Oh yes that's what you said but there's a voice in my head
saying maybe that's not so true. Will you hold me through it all?
Will you kiss me to sleep at night? Have you counted all my tears?
Will you stop all of my fears?
I need you near. More than you ever will know.

I need your love more than life.
My treasure is hidden in my heart and you know what I am thinking
Don't you? You know how many promises I have broken
You know me inside and out. You know when I need to scream and shout.
You know my every alibi, You know every time I try

You even know me when I cry.

Some may pick and choose by shallow descent
But you are the One I can truly trust
And when all is lost You can restore my life

And bring me so much more. 
Time spent with you is time well spent!

You are the very reason I am alive
My treasure is hidden in my heart.
I love you more than life!

Friday, 30 September 2011


We climbed the pyramids of our greatest desire
We went through wind and through fire
We climbed the pyramid of hope
And found out we just couldn't cope.
We weren't meant to be together
But I will still love you forever.

The desert sun bleached my hair
We laughed together without a care.
The blazing sun did not blind
But you still tampered with my mind.
We weren't meant to be together
But I will still love you forever.

The broken window laughed back at me.
The mocking snakes hissed from the grass.
But in the end our relationship was never meant to last.
Why do you still live in the past?
We climbed the pyramids of our greatest desire...

My own fears were brought back from the dead
The voices still remain in my head.
The voices beneath the broken glass still talk to me
They want to ask;
"Why did you hurt me the way you did?
Why did you take all my love?
You talked of our future
Our freedom, Our vision of living as a free as a dove
But you've left me a heartless fool
Don't you know?
There's a part of me that's still in love with you.

We climbed the pyramids of our greatest desire
But, in the end; we fell and got burnt by the fire.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

I married the finest of princess
But she turned out to be quite obsessed
Her diaries were handwritten with her blood
She would write for hours an emotional flood.
Yet I hate to digress, she was my princess
And I loved her my dear.
You see the line isn't always that clear 
when you fall in love.
Its easy to fall in love but make sure it's right.
Don't be so confused by the Light.
Its not always easy to stay in love
and have your heart broken time after time.
So now it's time to hear this rhyme;

Deep down inside
You were really a Queen of mine.

See, the Queen of Hearts baked those tarts
And had them stolen from her.
So, therefore she stole my heart. 
There was no end and no start.

From the dungeon I write this note of mine
I used to think you were so Divine!
Oh, how you can get lost in a fairy tale rhyme!
You said you had a heart for the nations
And now by royal invitation
You removed his head;

Total blackout
Total screw up
Rewired his mind
A rewired pantomime
Queen of Hearts;
You were once a friend of mine.

Now all has fallen to the grave
You said you could save my soul
Before I get to old
I'm covered now in thistles and weeds
All because of your sinful deeds

There are no more claims to my name!
Things will never be the same again!

Queen of Hearts
You stole My Heart!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Glory of the Flowers

Welcome to an unknown world
A world full of flowers 
And a mind full of mystical powers

See you pierced my soul with 
The head of your unicorn
I bled and bled and no one even cared
Now this is the story I want to share
Now the papers are all torn

Blowing about in the gales of truth
Are the glasses of my despair 
Staring through the roof

See I saw you standing there
Barely naked not even holding 
Anything to cover your shame
I knew that you were the one to blame
But I said nothing I remained silent

Now you are staring back at me from the other side
Looking at things from a different perspective
The door is now open wide

Yes that path is wide for me but not for you
You stole my heart that winter June
Or was it September?
I can barely remember

Your horn of plenty was never enough
You showed me the glory of a half way lust
And to sing to you I surely must
Where were you when I heard the siren and it all turned to rust?

Don't taste my poisonous flowers 
They dont really taste all that good
My petals are all broken and bruised
I love the way you stare at me with those eyes
You judgemental fool
Now I feel so used.

Yes the glory between the blood and the flowers
The never ending manipulation of the minds
Finest powers
Yes the gate is open so wide for me 
And yet you cry on the other side
I should have been there
I knew you by name

Now you have drunk my poison
So you should suffer the same.

The glory between the lie and truth
Is waiting for me 
On the other side
When the veil is lifted
And the ghost is shifted 
From this wicked world 
And all that it beholds

So dont glory in passing by things
Silly stories and magical springs
They wont guide you back home 
They will lead you into a trap
Yes the glory is waiting for me
On the other side
Drink my poison dear child
And it will still keep you alive

Without you my love
I would sooner die
The glory of the flowers
Went on for hours and hours

Until that day I surely died.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Holy Joe

Oh Holy Joe
You'll never really know
How much you rock me
How much you rock me

Oh man 
I wish I had your hands
Of Fire 
Yes Man you're my one desire

You can never burn me
You have hands of Love
Oh Holy Joe
I'm in love with you!

Your pyro love
Is too much for anyone to take
Your pyro love really makes me shake!

When I am in trouble
Man you can really burst my bubble
You give me love that I can get from no other

Your blazing light is so amazing
I love your hot body so much

Holy Joe 
This is where I want to go
You turn on your lights
You give advice through the night

Oh Holy Joe
Your ripples of radiance
Are driving me crazy
I want to be with you forever

Your sweeping signals
Invite me to party 
With You Oh Joe
You know where to go

So take me there
Get me off this square
Take me there tonight

Oh holy Joe 
With your blazing light
Take me there tonight.
Take me there tonight.

Pyrosome Girl - Jon Kania poem/song lyrics

Those funky little pyrosomes
There was this girl that I once fancied
She had a jellyfish named Nancy
And she was my pyrosome girl

She was swimming through my ocean
Of love and teenage lust
I wanted her so badly
I wanted a date with her
To eat the Upper Crust

Those funky little pyrosomes
They really rocked my world
Spinning me around and around
I sure wanna dance with you
Way down Town

Yes those funky little pyrosomes
They get in your hair
They get everywhere!
Yeahhh Those pyrosomes!

Have I wet your appetite
I sure haven't forgotten to eat
You are my tasty treat today
You'll the girl I wanna meet

Yes girl your so planktonic
I want to get you in my bed
So we can both get off our heads
And go way down super sonic!

Those funky little pyrosomes
They really rocked my world
Spinning me around and around
I sure wanna dance with you
Way down Town

Your lost in the current, the tide and my hair
I want to undress you with my loving stare

Oooohhh Those funky little pyrosomes
Come on and give me a whirl
You supersonic pyrosome girl!
Spinning me around and around
Just do a little twirl!

Sure I wanna dance with you
Way down town 
All night long 
Way down town
Way down town


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thankyou Beloved

Rat a Tat Tat 
There's a knock at your door. 
I am coming for you....
Can you take anymore?
Staring at the floor 
You are wondering what to do?
Why didn't I walk away?
Why do I treat myself this way?
Am I part of your property?
Would you recognise me now?
The memories eclipse me
I'm loosing all sense of reality!

I burried my head in the sand of deciept
Sold my soul for cash with no reciept
You say you still love me
What a joke
You cant see through that much smoke!

I tried so hard to please you
When all you ever did was tease me
You never truly believed in me!
You stole my time
Now I'm renewing my years
See, I'm not controlled anymore 
By your stupid insecure fears.

So can take your heartache 
And send it away from me.
My soul is no longer your property!
Do you understand? 
You wanted me to grow up and be a man
Do you want me to forgive and continue to live?!
Have you slept well tonight?
I hope you will.
Have you slept well today?
I hope you don't.
I'm barely awake 
But please drive in your steak.
You're going to lie and compromise
Pretend nothing happened 
When you betrayed my heart
No time now to go back to the start.

The fear that once did blind
Has now become the Grand Design
I am chosen by my Maker
Compelled to show His Glory
So You keep your denial
This is my Story....

Your story will be hard to file.
Your ghostly love has just become too much for me.
You think you can haunt me, chase me and taunt.
Well, You're wrong.

Maybe you should just give up
And drink from the Devils cup
Like I did. This wine tastes so sweet.
The void of the night has become a real treat

Only the Darkness holds me tightly
In the broken eclipse of my memory;

Is my memory of you.

Now that I am broken in two.
Thankyou Beloved.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sold your soul

You sold your soul...
A statement to scare you;
To frighten you
To awaken your inner
Most fears and desires.
Now You must learn to live 
In Eternal Fire
Life didnt treat you so bad
Life didn't treat you so fair
But you thought you 
Would sell your soul
And give away all that you have.
You just didn't care
Of course, about the 
You thought it was just mere
Superstition - A phony tradition
A silly contract
The Devil made his pact...
You signed away
Hoping to carry on living
For all of your days
But all the notes turned sour
The snowballs turned into heads
Now you will become
The Living Dead
And to fight, to win and to cheat
You sold your soul
To your best mate
Now You see the price 
At Hells Gate.
Yes, you sold your soul
Now it's just too late.
Your friend is laughing
At you on the grass
It's so fresh, so lush and so green
But for you - only death awaits.
Your sight is failing you fast
You wish that you had seen
The magic between the lie and the truth.
And now hanging from the roof
Is the creatures from the darkness
Your inner darkness
Do you know the story 
Do you know the rhymes?
Have you seen the time?
It's getting late for you
Your last hour is almost due
There is nothing more you can do.
But wait...
Wait to die and wait to live
In eternal darkness you must give...
You sold your soul to your mate
Now you must go through 
Hell's finest Gate.
Now breath your Last
It's getting dark....

No time to wish you had it back
No time to regret your 
Your late night games
of Poker and Black Jack
There really is no turning back.

He is coming for you!
There's nothing more you can do!
You have lost your soul
You have lost it all
You silly fool !!

Now burning in your chest 
Are the words
Written in blood and fire 

Of your lustful desire
You have lost it all...
Now you have

Friday, 5 August 2011

The Foolish Miser

He was a foolish old miser
So, he was none of the wiser...
He would not not listen 
To the advice of
His family or his next of kin.
And so on Halloween
He wanted to frighten and to scare
Young children to his house
They went through his front door
As quiet as a mouse
But one night the joke was on him
A spook A spectre
Came to his door
Did he talk to the spirit's? 
Who knows...
Who goes there? 
He would call out and moan
Nothing but a silly old crone!
Get Lost! Get out of my home!
Aren't you a little old to trick and treat?
No! I will not give you my money 
Or my food to eat!
But the witch was relentless in her quest
The silly old man stole his way through life
And so she taunted and tormented him 
Throughout the night 
All because he kept all he had
and would not share

So he was frightened by the ghoul 
 And the bear - So now the Old man 
breathed his last
And that part of the story is now in the past
The witch the ghoul, left him them there dead
He must have died from an enchantment 
And a sickened head.

So the little children came to his home
To collect his fathers debt
And the miser's money that he had stole
Rained down on the children
As if is was gold!
See there is always a happy ending 
for the just and the true
But for the liars and thieves
Look out!
And between me and you
All he cared about was his money
But it wasn't very funny
How he he met his end
And maybe this story
May seem unreal or fake
But these are the choices 
You will have to make.
Will you share in life
Or hold on to what you have?
Will you lie and steal?
If so, then this is the deal
The silly old crone will come for you too
Just don't wait too long with your gold
And in the process sell your soul...
Before she comes for you too
Know that the moral of this poem 
Is surely true! 
If you are bent
and hold on to your money 
with selfish intent
You know what will happen -
You'll be next in her queue!

Friday, 29 July 2011


Often I need to daydream
Before I go to sleep
And remember all the promises 
That I am trying to keep.
I see the memories pass me fly
Not long now in the past
Reaching out for more
Reaching into the sky
The little fishes wonder why
The little shrimps swim so close by
The Sun wonders why 
The rainclouds have taken over the day
The twinking stars and cosmic doors
talk of their curious ways. 
I wonder why they are so far away?
The feline search
The days spent in Church
I remember the children rush out from school
Their bright shiny eyes
The wonder of it all.
They held my hand to sing and dance
Innocent bliss - Without a care
Would it be terrible if we forgot this all?
Wouldnt it be sad if we didn't remember
If you saw me trip over
Would you catch my fall?

My dreams are made to give and to share
I need to dream while i'm awake
Then the people won't stand and stare
I need to daydream before i go to sleep
It's far more better than 
Trying to count sheep!
The domestic goddess and the barbeque 
that went wrong
The practice of a kind man's song. 
The moon at night
My soul is near it's flight...
And so off to bed 
Sleepy head
Time to meet the living and the dead
To cross the void
Into endless dreaming
Follow the path of endless seeing
This is only the beginning -
Let my soul take flight
Step into the Light
Let the plants on my windowsill
Grow and Grow
Into my dreams;
There, shall I go.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pretty Fishes

The pretty fishes 
are looking at me
smiling, winking
with their glassy eyes.
It's time I slowed down
It's time I stopped
In the beauty of this place.

To stop and love
Is the greatest gift 
I can give you.

Before I can realise 
The waters are over my head
I will see your face
And the beauty of this place

I can not drown
When I'm holding your hand

I see the passing glory
Of the Past
Dull lifeless fishes
That have given up on life 
And their childhood wishes

I see their glory pass me by
I see the spider and the fly
There is no time to wonder why

The see the river's wide and deep
I see the children trying to sleep 
You are the voice that echoes in my soul
You are the voice I want to keep.

You are the greatest gift I can give
And when I do eventually realise
That I'm swimming with the fishes
They are looking at me 
With their glassy eternal eyes

I see your wisdom
Is from Above
The Greatest Gift
In Life Is Love.

Under This Mountain Of Dust

Where is your Kingdom?
Where is your Love?
Under this mountain of dust
Let your Kingdom come

Let all the earth see you
Let all the earth see your wonders
Let your Kingdom come

Remove all the dust and debris
Pull my dusty mountain down
Take away the creatures of the night

Repair my broken crown 
Pull your kingdom down

We can make it happen
You are in-fact, waiting for us
To co create reality with you

And now to end this illusion
Let your Glory fall
I have heard your call
Remove all the debris and dust

Remove all the horror and terror
Remove the mountains of torment 
From the people and the suicidal wish
The lies of the media - The satelite dish

The mountain of loneliness and hunger
The mountain of injustice and hate
The mountain of sickness and pain
The mountain of dust that still looks the same

Remove these mountains from our lives!

Your Kingdom is what I seek 
You have counted all your sheep
Heaven shall reign eternally
No more pain and blasphemy

The Earth clock is ticking
But time is outside of your presence
We have destroyed ourselves before
And we are almost there again

But in the hearts of women and men
Your Love will cover the earth again
And soon we shall see you re-appear
Your perfect love casts away all fear

Where is your kingdom?
Where is your love
Under this mountain of dust
Let your Kingdom come

The Embers Are Still Burning

The embers are still burning 
My soul is still yearning
The world is still turning
I love you.

You have called me as your own
Touch this heart of mine
With your love so Divine

Your peace is so amazing
Your love is still blazing
You have called me as your own

Let the world crumble
Let the oceans be drained
And yet my heart still belongs to you
And your Beauty Divine

Your space is here in my life
The is no more time for strife
I love you more than life

Your Love satifies my soul
Your Love makes me whole
Your blazing love is only a breath away

You are only a breath away
You are only a breath away
You are only a breath away!

Your Love holds me
And keeps me whole
Im running into your fire
You're my only desire

Your power is beyond comprehension
Your power is a revelation

Rebuild my heart again
For I have broken it for You

Take out this heart of stone
You have called me as your own

My embers are still burning
My soul is still yearning
The world is still turning

My Love remains the same
I love you Beloved
You don't have to play
Any more games
You are right beside me.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Searching for something
In the middle of the night
Something of legend
Something rare.
What did you expect to find
In a pitch black wood?
You did all that you could
But you still ran into
Strange creatures
That gave you a scare
Leading you to the middle of nowhere
And why did you trust the creep
That led you there?
Hanging form the trees
is the graveyard of skulls
Sinister creatures lurk there
Waiting for foolish souls
You may think it's a bad dream
But all that remains is to be seen
You'll soon discover, undercover
What lies beneth is simply obscene. 
I am sure life is not very fair
Our guests are trapped
In their despair.
You didn't listen to the advice
Did you think it would be wise?
The sheer evil 
Will terrorize
Resurfacing horror
With reddened eyes
Laying there are deformed
Ugly Folk
And while you choke
They torture you slowly
All life they despise.
They just don't care.
But you were foolish enough
To venture the darkened night
Deserving the fright,
As a result;
It is time to meet your Fate.
When you went through that 
Old rusted iron gate
The notice told you 
It was Condemned.
So, what did you really expect?
Of course, you tried to escape
But it was just too late.
You're heart was sordid 
In your quest, so now
You'll end up like all the rest.
This is the Way
You will meet Your End 
This is the Way 
That is Condemned. 


Not everyone dies
Happily ever after
Some fools die in pain.
If you spend your time 
Chasing lies
What exactly will you gain?
No, there's not always
A Happy Ending for everyone..

Some fools die the same
Some fools die in pain

There's not always a Master Craftsmen
That will bail you out.
The Journey we make 
Is never the same
Some cry inwardly
Some scream and shout
In agony and pain

Till our last breath is drawn
before I'm old I will confess
That I love You
And You are the best.
I don't want to die all alone
We lived most of our life 
At the Grindstone
So, when I'm old I will confess
To loving you with all that I am
I would hope you are with me
In death holding my hand.
I will call out to you
And You will answer me 
From the deepest of sorrow black
At Your Death stone
I won't turn back.
I will always be there
Holding Your broken roses
While you skip through the poses
I will cry and moan
Mourn and weep
But I will always be beside you
In My Regret 
In my Grief
Even in the Darkness
Pitch Black 
I will always love You
My Darling, This is True.


Abuse me
Adore me
Hold me
Treat me kindly!
Ohhh, the impulse has taken me over!
It's your love baby
Now we're getting closer
Your love like lust is never enough
You're taking me over tonight
You know that it feels so right
You're taking me over tonight
You're My Love Drug
Infect me with your poison tonight
I wanna be with you all through the night
The impulse has taken me over tonight
Keep doing what you do to me
All night!
All night!
Your love drug has taken me over tonight
The impulse has its hold over me tonight
I want to love you all through the night
And baby you know this feels so right
I want to hold you there
Hold me here
In my sweet despair tonight
You're my Exctasy
My Fantasy
My Poisonous Desire!
You're my Love
My Life
My Fire
I want to hold you there tonight
You're my Love Drug 
And you make me feel so right!
The impulse has it's hold over me tonight!

The Faceless Ones

They were the Faceless Ones
They scared me half to death
That Night
They had come for my mother
But instead
They snatched my brother.
I never meant to hurt you
You were supposed to be my lover
It's clear if they had eyes
They wouldn't even be there.
Imagine going through life
without being able to stare?
You'll  remember them 
When You can't sleep
And you need the bathroom
Late one Night
Too scared to turn on 
The landing Light.
So roll the Dice
Play the Game
When I stare back at you
Is what we see the same?
There were the Faceless Ones
Don't forget.
They lived their lives
But died in tears of pain and regret.

I am a Faceless One
I will make You one too.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Spider and the Fly

Do you love me?
Said the Spider to the Fly

I'm in a sticky situation
And I don't really know why!
Have you ever had a love infection
That did not last?
An infatuation that made it's mark?
A broken heart. 
A different path.
Well, you can blame the sun
Or you can blame the rain
And my heart will still look the same.
But, do you really love me?
said the little girl who lied
It was only a few penny sweets
Not a dress made from meat!
It's not very much
But it's all that I have
For all it's worth 
I love You
For all it's worth
I promise to honour and obey you.
I will never sleep in someone elses web.
The Great Net that caught us both
Still holds us close.

I will wait for the butterfly to charm me
This coming spring 
Is when it shall begin.
The moths flutter by
Past the Light, at Just gone twilight.
And now it is becoming daylight at last
The flying ladybirds are just in sight
For I can keep you
All locked up forever tonight.
I don't like missing you
So i'll just try kissing you
You are always on my mind
And I don't really know why..
I know you are one of a kind
I know that you love me
Said the Spider to the Fly.


This is the House
Where nobody goes
But, just who lives there
Nobody knows.
Sometimes I hear
an old woman screaming
From my window
I think she is calling my brother's name
But he died a long time ago
So it couldn't be him.
But then again, noboby really knows
The pitter patter of the rain
outside keeps me from sleeping
I have entered the Void
of endless dreaming.
And, to my mother's shame
I still take the blame
For what happened to my brother Jim
That cold winter night
When my mother drank too much Gin.
This is the House where nobody goes
No-one lives here anymore.
And in the end, It was my father 
That broke down our door
My mother of course, after that
Decided to buy herself a little flat
No one thought
Her fleeting romance would last.
There would be strings of men
to abuse and to adore
But she would always end up wanting more
I remember
The haunting melodies
She would sing.
It wasn't much she brought to the house
But she did bring
Some sort of happiness.
Her aspersions, I'm afraid she did cast.
But it shouldn't have have been this way you see!
I have lost my brother,
My Daddy and my Mummy!

And I still wonder
what made her flip like that
We used to sit in the library room 
Talking for hours, making plans 
But now it has come to soon;

This is the sound that no one know's
This is the house where nobody goes

And I am the only one left here now
Left here, all alone
Of all the children 
That have been and gone
None bring me closer to tears
Than this little girl
Alone with her fears
She only caught a glimpse of the light
Because it was blinding - spell binding
Now she is an Agent of the Night
Now all that's left is herself and her house
She thought her parents loved her the most
But she is such a lonely Ghost.

The Lost Ones

Who's next please?
Do take a seat
In the waiting room of Life...

Oh, where are my children?!
And even though I didnt appreciate 
Their strife - I miss them dearly
Why did I listen to my wife?
We'll pack them off to the woods
For a picnic you said
No harm will come to them
A kind stranger will take them in..
Why did I listen to you?!
I married you for peace and quiet
But now they are lost
And I don't know what to do!
You have vexed me and controlled me
All these years!
You haven't considered me 
Or our childrens fears!
You can't just forget about them
and pretend they don't exist!
Don't you even care?
You know our children 
have hearts of gold
Even they would give you 
their last crust of bread to share!
And now you will grow old
With your heart so icy cold
You have shown your true colours
Although i have seen more pain
In a bleeding rainbow!
So, where are they now?!
They could be anywhere!
You have prooved to me
that you just don't care!
Like a bullet in the head
They could soon be dead!
Cold, lost and all alone
They will never find their way back home!
I can't believe we are in up to our necks
in this crazy situation!
So when the police come round
Questioning about our children's alienation
It's their blood on your hands!
This is abuse and neglect
And I will have no part of it!

The old woman speaks...
Oh do be quiet you wretched man!
Our children were always a burden to us 
You know that!
So now they will live or they shall die
And no longer will our name be blackened
You silly fool! 
You should always listen to me!
I always know what is best
You know we won't starve
We have our secret stash of food
And nobody knew!
Besides, it's our future we can always invest
In making babies another day!
So, please don't argue
I know, Im deliciously wicked and corrupt
I'm thier poor cruel stepmother
But, my darling when we are better off
We can always have another!
We really won't miss them and that's the truth!
Now, come to bed and stop all your fright
You've lost your children 
To the darkness of the night!

 And now our story takes a different turn,

The old man speaks again:

In death they still found me guilty
Of course my children were kept safe
I was far too passive
Never agressive
To learn the lessons of life
And what happened to my wife?
Hauntingly, she hung herself victoriously...

Who's next please?
In Deaths waiting room of Life?

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sweet Society

Creampies and doughnuts
Gingerbread men with no nuts
You won't be allergic to this
Now, before you start
You simply must have jam tart!
With clotted cream Waheyy!
Mmmm Isn't that nice young man?
What do you feel like eating today?
Oh, this is so exciting
What more can I say?
Now, let me get my special book of recipies
Here! Have a look!
I'm sure there will be many more
Little children that find my home
I will hear them eating away at my Gingerbread Door!

I will make an even sweeter society!

Boys and girls with strawberry curls

Of every shape, size, colour and variety!
You'll see them from miles around!
My Gingerbread house will bring me riches and fame
I will be known as the best baker
And the most delicious candy maker!
Yes -- You'll soon know my name!
Now, eat up little dear
And stop complaining about feeling queer!
There is much work to be done
Oh, yes I do lobve the fact
I kidnapped your Mother's only son!
And my wicked work has just begun!

Transgendered freaks
I will make them all unique!
Now, get into my oven 
You will taste a treat!

For, I am the Great Griselder

The most curious
The most famous
Candy making
Wicked old Witch!

Wake Up Call -------------------------22/23 June 2011

Wake up Sleepy head!
Now get the hell out of my bed!
You're late for school
Don't you care at all?
You'll fail all your exams 
And end up like us
And we do is appear in fairy tales
Urgggh! You've spilt your gruel!
But don't worry
You know we have have plenty in store
We know you always want more!
We're so used to you coming over
We never run out of fuel
Yet you're about as lucky as a four leaf clover!
Now get out of bed you silly bitch
Or we'll feed you to the Wicked Witch!
You don't want to end up like us
Un-educated scum
So get to school 
There is work to be done!
Go to college, get a Degree, anything!
But get out of my bed!
You heard what I said!
Or I will call your Mum!
I said you could stay over 
But don't take the piss! 
We know you're not the most 
Curteous of girls
With your golden locks 
All beautifully curled
You wouldn't want to lose 
The greatest years of your life
Now dear sweet Goldilocks get to school
Before we use our Teeth on you like a knife
See, We Three Bears are not always mean
But you must stop being a
Tempermental Spoilt Teen!
You have outstayed your welcome hear
So be on your way my dear!
Now be on your way
Dont forget your lunch on the side
Now have a good day!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bleak------ 23rd June 2011

So bleak
So wild and so Rugged
So tainted
So dated
Is the old postcard
On Grandma's fridge
So boring
The old man is snoring
Yet beautiful and Unique
The rain outside is pouring
I've never been to Church
But ive seen your wooden hurts
How  can you cover your pain
With endless sawdust?
You're a fallen tree
with no kind leaves
Your so bleak
A wild and rugged man
You have become weak
And its your future I seek
In the palm of your hand
You lived your life
Now its over my dear
So take that awful picture off the wall
I am not listening to you at all
for we are bleak lovers
With nothing to hide
The mundane has become insane
In this sand your mind will sink
I'm so bleak
I'm so weak
Now hand me over another Drink.

(Bleak is a poem about old lovers)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Loved and Lost----19th June 2011

 Loved and Lost

I'm so sorry I broke your heart
But You broke mine
And even though you knew
Right from the start
How I wanted to live my life
You thought I should change
For the better
For the good of mankind.
But We broke in two
That was the way the cookie crumbled
Between Me and You
With Our actions 
We stumbled over the Great Divide.
And now Cinderella has lost her slipper
And my crystal tears hold back my fears
Of how I loved and Lost
The One I held most dear.
But we went through life blind
And through our great pantomime
Our Fairy story became unreality


Only brought us
closer to Insanity !
You broke my heart so
The ugly sisters rejoiced instead
Your wounded heart
My bullet in the head
But we should have known instead
Not to play with fire
Tempting Fate
By opening the Gate
Because my own desire was too too strong for you
My desire was just to strong
And now I march to a different beat
And now I sing a different song
Of an ancient Love strong and True
The difference between Me and You
Is that He loves me. holds me and is ever true
Faithful and Loving to me unlike you
But now, i'm afraid it is just too late.
You broke my heart
And I broke Yours
I'm truly sorry and I know you are to
But now it's time to depart
I hope one day in everyway
You will find someone that loves you more than I do
I may have loved and lost 

I will never forget You !

I don't want to grow old without You---19th June 2011

 I don't want to grow old without You

I don't want to grow old without you
Oh my darling, the days are passing
The times are changing
But, One thing remains
I don't want to grow old without you.
For I have have seen the many faces
And searched many endless places
But nothing compares to you.
Nothing compares to the way you hold me
Nothing compares to the way
Your skin feels next to mine
And by Creation's Grand Design
I never want to grow old without you.
Many people die old and cold
Many never know what the future may hold
Many hearts have loved and lost
Many have started but lost their way
but I am here today to say
I never want to grow old without you!
And even though many die young
Through no fault of their own
I want to be the One with You 
When we are called Home.
But, you know I will never become one of the people -
The Vast majority
The endless obscurity 
I would climb the stairs to Heaven
I would climb the highest steeple
To have you beside me right now
I see our future is not far away
It is simply a mere breath away
But one thing is True
and that is my love for You.
And even at the Grave
Or the lonely Church pew
I never want to grow
one minute older without you!
Oh my Darling - 
You know this is True--
I never want to grow old without You!

Through Crystal Tears----18th June 2011

 Through Crystal Tears

Through Crystal Tears
You showed me your fears
And now the time has come to an end
Is this everything?
Through Crystal Tears
You held back the years
Because now its over
and there are no more tears to cry
And in this place of never never
I still see your face shining at me
Painful glances and backward dances
You were once my friend
But now your my enemy
Even the Sun has fallen out of the sky
And i'm not even sure why
The feelings remain
When life has changed
Things are not the same
And through these crystal tears
You held me in the rain
You held me in the Flood
You have my heart of Love
You have my hands of blood
Through Crystal tears
My fears remain the same
We are one and another
The same story of a Lover
Through Crystal Tears
My Love will remain.

Friday, 17 June 2011

The way the cookie crumbles---17th June 2011

 The Way The Cookie Crumbles

This is the way
The Highway of the stolen ones
The ones with many faces
Travelling to many places
Taking the road to no-where.
The is the way the cookie crumbles
This is the way the floodwater tumbles
Crashing through society
Through every face is variety
Of Asian, black, white and gold spun
But none of these songs will lead us back home.
This is the way of the Flood
This is the way I saw you lie
Under every stone an alibi
Your pride the size of the mountain side
This is the way of the Flood.
Time to wash away the rest of today
Because you forgot to Love
And in this way, in everyway
You have still forgotten how to Love.
This is the way the floodwaters tumble
And you worked so hard
Why did you grumble?
And now with broken glass shards
The tables have been turned
For you were warned
This is the way the cookie crumbles.