Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Faceless Ones

They were the Faceless Ones
They scared me half to death
That Night
They had come for my mother
But instead
They snatched my brother.
I never meant to hurt you
You were supposed to be my lover
It's clear if they had eyes
They wouldn't even be there.
Imagine going through life
without being able to stare?
You'll  remember them 
When You can't sleep
And you need the bathroom
Late one Night
Too scared to turn on 
The landing Light.
So roll the Dice
Play the Game
When I stare back at you
Is what we see the same?
There were the Faceless Ones
Don't forget.
They lived their lives
But died in tears of pain and regret.

I am a Faceless One
I will make You one too.

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