Friday, 30 September 2011


We climbed the pyramids of our greatest desire
We went through wind and through fire
We climbed the pyramid of hope
And found out we just couldn't cope.
We weren't meant to be together
But I will still love you forever.

The desert sun bleached my hair
We laughed together without a care.
The blazing sun did not blind
But you still tampered with my mind.
We weren't meant to be together
But I will still love you forever.

The broken window laughed back at me.
The mocking snakes hissed from the grass.
But in the end our relationship was never meant to last.
Why do you still live in the past?
We climbed the pyramids of our greatest desire...

My own fears were brought back from the dead
The voices still remain in my head.
The voices beneath the broken glass still talk to me
They want to ask;
"Why did you hurt me the way you did?
Why did you take all my love?
You talked of our future
Our freedom, Our vision of living as a free as a dove
But you've left me a heartless fool
Don't you know?
There's a part of me that's still in love with you.

We climbed the pyramids of our greatest desire
But, in the end; we fell and got burnt by the fire.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

I married the finest of princess
But she turned out to be quite obsessed
Her diaries were handwritten with her blood
She would write for hours an emotional flood.
Yet I hate to digress, she was my princess
And I loved her my dear.
You see the line isn't always that clear 
when you fall in love.
Its easy to fall in love but make sure it's right.
Don't be so confused by the Light.
Its not always easy to stay in love
and have your heart broken time after time.
So now it's time to hear this rhyme;

Deep down inside
You were really a Queen of mine.

See, the Queen of Hearts baked those tarts
And had them stolen from her.
So, therefore she stole my heart. 
There was no end and no start.

From the dungeon I write this note of mine
I used to think you were so Divine!
Oh, how you can get lost in a fairy tale rhyme!
You said you had a heart for the nations
And now by royal invitation
You removed his head;

Total blackout
Total screw up
Rewired his mind
A rewired pantomime
Queen of Hearts;
You were once a friend of mine.

Now all has fallen to the grave
You said you could save my soul
Before I get to old
I'm covered now in thistles and weeds
All because of your sinful deeds

There are no more claims to my name!
Things will never be the same again!

Queen of Hearts
You stole My Heart!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Glory of the Flowers

Welcome to an unknown world
A world full of flowers 
And a mind full of mystical powers

See you pierced my soul with 
The head of your unicorn
I bled and bled and no one even cared
Now this is the story I want to share
Now the papers are all torn

Blowing about in the gales of truth
Are the glasses of my despair 
Staring through the roof

See I saw you standing there
Barely naked not even holding 
Anything to cover your shame
I knew that you were the one to blame
But I said nothing I remained silent

Now you are staring back at me from the other side
Looking at things from a different perspective
The door is now open wide

Yes that path is wide for me but not for you
You stole my heart that winter June
Or was it September?
I can barely remember

Your horn of plenty was never enough
You showed me the glory of a half way lust
And to sing to you I surely must
Where were you when I heard the siren and it all turned to rust?

Don't taste my poisonous flowers 
They dont really taste all that good
My petals are all broken and bruised
I love the way you stare at me with those eyes
You judgemental fool
Now I feel so used.

Yes the glory between the blood and the flowers
The never ending manipulation of the minds
Finest powers
Yes the gate is open so wide for me 
And yet you cry on the other side
I should have been there
I knew you by name

Now you have drunk my poison
So you should suffer the same.

The glory between the lie and truth
Is waiting for me 
On the other side
When the veil is lifted
And the ghost is shifted 
From this wicked world 
And all that it beholds

So dont glory in passing by things
Silly stories and magical springs
They wont guide you back home 
They will lead you into a trap
Yes the glory is waiting for me
On the other side
Drink my poison dear child
And it will still keep you alive

Without you my love
I would sooner die
The glory of the flowers
Went on for hours and hours

Until that day I surely died.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Holy Joe

Oh Holy Joe
You'll never really know
How much you rock me
How much you rock me

Oh man 
I wish I had your hands
Of Fire 
Yes Man you're my one desire

You can never burn me
You have hands of Love
Oh Holy Joe
I'm in love with you!

Your pyro love
Is too much for anyone to take
Your pyro love really makes me shake!

When I am in trouble
Man you can really burst my bubble
You give me love that I can get from no other

Your blazing light is so amazing
I love your hot body so much

Holy Joe 
This is where I want to go
You turn on your lights
You give advice through the night

Oh Holy Joe
Your ripples of radiance
Are driving me crazy
I want to be with you forever

Your sweeping signals
Invite me to party 
With You Oh Joe
You know where to go

So take me there
Get me off this square
Take me there tonight

Oh holy Joe 
With your blazing light
Take me there tonight.
Take me there tonight.

Pyrosome Girl - Jon Kania poem/song lyrics

Those funky little pyrosomes
There was this girl that I once fancied
She had a jellyfish named Nancy
And she was my pyrosome girl

She was swimming through my ocean
Of love and teenage lust
I wanted her so badly
I wanted a date with her
To eat the Upper Crust

Those funky little pyrosomes
They really rocked my world
Spinning me around and around
I sure wanna dance with you
Way down Town

Yes those funky little pyrosomes
They get in your hair
They get everywhere!
Yeahhh Those pyrosomes!

Have I wet your appetite
I sure haven't forgotten to eat
You are my tasty treat today
You'll the girl I wanna meet

Yes girl your so planktonic
I want to get you in my bed
So we can both get off our heads
And go way down super sonic!

Those funky little pyrosomes
They really rocked my world
Spinning me around and around
I sure wanna dance with you
Way down Town

Your lost in the current, the tide and my hair
I want to undress you with my loving stare

Oooohhh Those funky little pyrosomes
Come on and give me a whirl
You supersonic pyrosome girl!
Spinning me around and around
Just do a little twirl!

Sure I wanna dance with you
Way down town 
All night long 
Way down town
Way down town


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thankyou Beloved

Rat a Tat Tat 
There's a knock at your door. 
I am coming for you....
Can you take anymore?
Staring at the floor 
You are wondering what to do?
Why didn't I walk away?
Why do I treat myself this way?
Am I part of your property?
Would you recognise me now?
The memories eclipse me
I'm loosing all sense of reality!

I burried my head in the sand of deciept
Sold my soul for cash with no reciept
You say you still love me
What a joke
You cant see through that much smoke!

I tried so hard to please you
When all you ever did was tease me
You never truly believed in me!
You stole my time
Now I'm renewing my years
See, I'm not controlled anymore 
By your stupid insecure fears.

So can take your heartache 
And send it away from me.
My soul is no longer your property!
Do you understand? 
You wanted me to grow up and be a man
Do you want me to forgive and continue to live?!
Have you slept well tonight?
I hope you will.
Have you slept well today?
I hope you don't.
I'm barely awake 
But please drive in your steak.
You're going to lie and compromise
Pretend nothing happened 
When you betrayed my heart
No time now to go back to the start.

The fear that once did blind
Has now become the Grand Design
I am chosen by my Maker
Compelled to show His Glory
So You keep your denial
This is my Story....

Your story will be hard to file.
Your ghostly love has just become too much for me.
You think you can haunt me, chase me and taunt.
Well, You're wrong.

Maybe you should just give up
And drink from the Devils cup
Like I did. This wine tastes so sweet.
The void of the night has become a real treat

Only the Darkness holds me tightly
In the broken eclipse of my memory;

Is my memory of you.

Now that I am broken in two.
Thankyou Beloved.