Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thankyou Beloved

Rat a Tat Tat 
There's a knock at your door. 
I am coming for you....
Can you take anymore?
Staring at the floor 
You are wondering what to do?
Why didn't I walk away?
Why do I treat myself this way?
Am I part of your property?
Would you recognise me now?
The memories eclipse me
I'm loosing all sense of reality!

I burried my head in the sand of deciept
Sold my soul for cash with no reciept
You say you still love me
What a joke
You cant see through that much smoke!

I tried so hard to please you
When all you ever did was tease me
You never truly believed in me!
You stole my time
Now I'm renewing my years
See, I'm not controlled anymore 
By your stupid insecure fears.

So can take your heartache 
And send it away from me.
My soul is no longer your property!
Do you understand? 
You wanted me to grow up and be a man
Do you want me to forgive and continue to live?!
Have you slept well tonight?
I hope you will.
Have you slept well today?
I hope you don't.
I'm barely awake 
But please drive in your steak.
You're going to lie and compromise
Pretend nothing happened 
When you betrayed my heart
No time now to go back to the start.

The fear that once did blind
Has now become the Grand Design
I am chosen by my Maker
Compelled to show His Glory
So You keep your denial
This is my Story....

Your story will be hard to file.
Your ghostly love has just become too much for me.
You think you can haunt me, chase me and taunt.
Well, You're wrong.

Maybe you should just give up
And drink from the Devils cup
Like I did. This wine tastes so sweet.
The void of the night has become a real treat

Only the Darkness holds me tightly
In the broken eclipse of my memory;

Is my memory of you.

Now that I am broken in two.
Thankyou Beloved.

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