Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Glory of the Flowers

Welcome to an unknown world
A world full of flowers 
And a mind full of mystical powers

See you pierced my soul with 
The head of your unicorn
I bled and bled and no one even cared
Now this is the story I want to share
Now the papers are all torn

Blowing about in the gales of truth
Are the glasses of my despair 
Staring through the roof

See I saw you standing there
Barely naked not even holding 
Anything to cover your shame
I knew that you were the one to blame
But I said nothing I remained silent

Now you are staring back at me from the other side
Looking at things from a different perspective
The door is now open wide

Yes that path is wide for me but not for you
You stole my heart that winter June
Or was it September?
I can barely remember

Your horn of plenty was never enough
You showed me the glory of a half way lust
And to sing to you I surely must
Where were you when I heard the siren and it all turned to rust?

Don't taste my poisonous flowers 
They dont really taste all that good
My petals are all broken and bruised
I love the way you stare at me with those eyes
You judgemental fool
Now I feel so used.

Yes the glory between the blood and the flowers
The never ending manipulation of the minds
Finest powers
Yes the gate is open so wide for me 
And yet you cry on the other side
I should have been there
I knew you by name

Now you have drunk my poison
So you should suffer the same.

The glory between the lie and truth
Is waiting for me 
On the other side
When the veil is lifted
And the ghost is shifted 
From this wicked world 
And all that it beholds

So dont glory in passing by things
Silly stories and magical springs
They wont guide you back home 
They will lead you into a trap
Yes the glory is waiting for me
On the other side
Drink my poison dear child
And it will still keep you alive

Without you my love
I would sooner die
The glory of the flowers
Went on for hours and hours

Until that day I surely died.

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