Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sold your soul

You sold your soul...
A statement to scare you;
To frighten you
To awaken your inner
Most fears and desires.
Now You must learn to live 
In Eternal Fire
Life didnt treat you so bad
Life didn't treat you so fair
But you thought you 
Would sell your soul
And give away all that you have.
You just didn't care
Of course, about the 
You thought it was just mere
Superstition - A phony tradition
A silly contract
The Devil made his pact...
You signed away
Hoping to carry on living
For all of your days
But all the notes turned sour
The snowballs turned into heads
Now you will become
The Living Dead
And to fight, to win and to cheat
You sold your soul
To your best mate
Now You see the price 
At Hells Gate.
Yes, you sold your soul
Now it's just too late.
Your friend is laughing
At you on the grass
It's so fresh, so lush and so green
But for you - only death awaits.
Your sight is failing you fast
You wish that you had seen
The magic between the lie and the truth.
And now hanging from the roof
Is the creatures from the darkness
Your inner darkness
Do you know the story 
Do you know the rhymes?
Have you seen the time?
It's getting late for you
Your last hour is almost due
There is nothing more you can do.
But wait...
Wait to die and wait to live
In eternal darkness you must give...
You sold your soul to your mate
Now you must go through 
Hell's finest Gate.
Now breath your Last
It's getting dark....

No time to wish you had it back
No time to regret your 
Your late night games
of Poker and Black Jack
There really is no turning back.

He is coming for you!
There's nothing more you can do!
You have lost your soul
You have lost it all
You silly fool !!

Now burning in your chest 
Are the words
Written in blood and fire 

Of your lustful desire
You have lost it all...
Now you have

Friday, 5 August 2011

The Foolish Miser

He was a foolish old miser
So, he was none of the wiser...
He would not not listen 
To the advice of
His family or his next of kin.
And so on Halloween
He wanted to frighten and to scare
Young children to his house
They went through his front door
As quiet as a mouse
But one night the joke was on him
A spook A spectre
Came to his door
Did he talk to the spirit's? 
Who knows...
Who goes there? 
He would call out and moan
Nothing but a silly old crone!
Get Lost! Get out of my home!
Aren't you a little old to trick and treat?
No! I will not give you my money 
Or my food to eat!
But the witch was relentless in her quest
The silly old man stole his way through life
And so she taunted and tormented him 
Throughout the night 
All because he kept all he had
and would not share

So he was frightened by the ghoul 
 And the bear - So now the Old man 
breathed his last
And that part of the story is now in the past
The witch the ghoul, left him them there dead
He must have died from an enchantment 
And a sickened head.

So the little children came to his home
To collect his fathers debt
And the miser's money that he had stole
Rained down on the children
As if is was gold!
See there is always a happy ending 
for the just and the true
But for the liars and thieves
Look out!
And between me and you
All he cared about was his money
But it wasn't very funny
How he he met his end
And maybe this story
May seem unreal or fake
But these are the choices 
You will have to make.
Will you share in life
Or hold on to what you have?
Will you lie and steal?
If so, then this is the deal
The silly old crone will come for you too
Just don't wait too long with your gold
And in the process sell your soul...
Before she comes for you too
Know that the moral of this poem 
Is surely true! 
If you are bent
and hold on to your money 
with selfish intent
You know what will happen -
You'll be next in her queue!