Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sweet Society

Creampies and doughnuts
Gingerbread men with no nuts
You won't be allergic to this
Now, before you start
You simply must have jam tart!
With clotted cream Waheyy!
Mmmm Isn't that nice young man?
What do you feel like eating today?
Oh, this is so exciting
What more can I say?
Now, let me get my special book of recipies
Here! Have a look!
I'm sure there will be many more
Little children that find my home
I will hear them eating away at my Gingerbread Door!

I will make an even sweeter society!

Boys and girls with strawberry curls

Of every shape, size, colour and variety!
You'll see them from miles around!
My Gingerbread house will bring me riches and fame
I will be known as the best baker
And the most delicious candy maker!
Yes -- You'll soon know my name!
Now, eat up little dear
And stop complaining about feeling queer!
There is much work to be done
Oh, yes I do lobve the fact
I kidnapped your Mother's only son!
And my wicked work has just begun!

Transgendered freaks
I will make them all unique!
Now, get into my oven 
You will taste a treat!

For, I am the Great Griselder

The most curious
The most famous
Candy making
Wicked old Witch!

Wake Up Call -------------------------22/23 June 2011

Wake up Sleepy head!
Now get the hell out of my bed!
You're late for school
Don't you care at all?
You'll fail all your exams 
And end up like us
And we do is appear in fairy tales
Urgggh! You've spilt your gruel!
But don't worry
You know we have have plenty in store
We know you always want more!
We're so used to you coming over
We never run out of fuel
Yet you're about as lucky as a four leaf clover!
Now get out of bed you silly bitch
Or we'll feed you to the Wicked Witch!
You don't want to end up like us
Un-educated scum
So get to school 
There is work to be done!
Go to college, get a Degree, anything!
But get out of my bed!
You heard what I said!
Or I will call your Mum!
I said you could stay over 
But don't take the piss! 
We know you're not the most 
Curteous of girls
With your golden locks 
All beautifully curled
You wouldn't want to lose 
The greatest years of your life
Now dear sweet Goldilocks get to school
Before we use our Teeth on you like a knife
See, We Three Bears are not always mean
But you must stop being a
Tempermental Spoilt Teen!
You have outstayed your welcome hear
So be on your way my dear!
Now be on your way
Dont forget your lunch on the side
Now have a good day!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bleak------ 23rd June 2011

So bleak
So wild and so Rugged
So tainted
So dated
Is the old postcard
On Grandma's fridge
So boring
The old man is snoring
Yet beautiful and Unique
The rain outside is pouring
I've never been to Church
But ive seen your wooden hurts
How  can you cover your pain
With endless sawdust?
You're a fallen tree
with no kind leaves
Your so bleak
A wild and rugged man
You have become weak
And its your future I seek
In the palm of your hand
You lived your life
Now its over my dear
So take that awful picture off the wall
I am not listening to you at all
for we are bleak lovers
With nothing to hide
The mundane has become insane
In this sand your mind will sink
I'm so bleak
I'm so weak
Now hand me over another Drink.

(Bleak is a poem about old lovers)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Loved and Lost----19th June 2011

 Loved and Lost

I'm so sorry I broke your heart
But You broke mine
And even though you knew
Right from the start
How I wanted to live my life
You thought I should change
For the better
For the good of mankind.
But We broke in two
That was the way the cookie crumbled
Between Me and You
With Our actions 
We stumbled over the Great Divide.
And now Cinderella has lost her slipper
And my crystal tears hold back my fears
Of how I loved and Lost
The One I held most dear.
But we went through life blind
And through our great pantomime
Our Fairy story became unreality


Only brought us
closer to Insanity !
You broke my heart so
The ugly sisters rejoiced instead
Your wounded heart
My bullet in the head
But we should have known instead
Not to play with fire
Tempting Fate
By opening the Gate
Because my own desire was too too strong for you
My desire was just to strong
And now I march to a different beat
And now I sing a different song
Of an ancient Love strong and True
The difference between Me and You
Is that He loves me. holds me and is ever true
Faithful and Loving to me unlike you
But now, i'm afraid it is just too late.
You broke my heart
And I broke Yours
I'm truly sorry and I know you are to
But now it's time to depart
I hope one day in everyway
You will find someone that loves you more than I do
I may have loved and lost 

I will never forget You !

I don't want to grow old without You---19th June 2011

 I don't want to grow old without You

I don't want to grow old without you
Oh my darling, the days are passing
The times are changing
But, One thing remains
I don't want to grow old without you.
For I have have seen the many faces
And searched many endless places
But nothing compares to you.
Nothing compares to the way you hold me
Nothing compares to the way
Your skin feels next to mine
And by Creation's Grand Design
I never want to grow old without you.
Many people die old and cold
Many never know what the future may hold
Many hearts have loved and lost
Many have started but lost their way
but I am here today to say
I never want to grow old without you!
And even though many die young
Through no fault of their own
I want to be the One with You 
When we are called Home.
But, you know I will never become one of the people -
The Vast majority
The endless obscurity 
I would climb the stairs to Heaven
I would climb the highest steeple
To have you beside me right now
I see our future is not far away
It is simply a mere breath away
But one thing is True
and that is my love for You.
And even at the Grave
Or the lonely Church pew
I never want to grow
one minute older without you!
Oh my Darling - 
You know this is True--
I never want to grow old without You!

Through Crystal Tears----18th June 2011

 Through Crystal Tears

Through Crystal Tears
You showed me your fears
And now the time has come to an end
Is this everything?
Through Crystal Tears
You held back the years
Because now its over
and there are no more tears to cry
And in this place of never never
I still see your face shining at me
Painful glances and backward dances
You were once my friend
But now your my enemy
Even the Sun has fallen out of the sky
And i'm not even sure why
The feelings remain
When life has changed
Things are not the same
And through these crystal tears
You held me in the rain
You held me in the Flood
You have my heart of Love
You have my hands of blood
Through Crystal tears
My fears remain the same
We are one and another
The same story of a Lover
Through Crystal Tears
My Love will remain.

Friday, 17 June 2011

The way the cookie crumbles---17th June 2011

 The Way The Cookie Crumbles

This is the way
The Highway of the stolen ones
The ones with many faces
Travelling to many places
Taking the road to no-where.
The is the way the cookie crumbles
This is the way the floodwater tumbles
Crashing through society
Through every face is variety
Of Asian, black, white and gold spun
But none of these songs will lead us back home.
This is the way of the Flood
This is the way I saw you lie
Under every stone an alibi
Your pride the size of the mountain side
This is the way of the Flood.
Time to wash away the rest of today
Because you forgot to Love
And in this way, in everyway
You have still forgotten how to Love.
This is the way the floodwaters tumble
And you worked so hard
Why did you grumble?
And now with broken glass shards
The tables have been turned
For you were warned
This is the way the cookie crumbles.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

As free as a Dove ----08.06.11

As Free as a Dove

Hold on to the Love you have
Hold on to my heart
So please don't let me go
Don't ever let me go
Because I know
You loved me right from the start
Hold me tightly
Now and forever
Hold on to what is true
You'll find the truth inside of you
And we can fly to the land of 
Never Never
Where all is free
Where the apple doesn't fall
Too far from the tree
And - dancing is the Everlasting sea
For I know you love Me
Forever and Ever
For I will hold you
Encased in my Love
Forever and Ever
As Free as a Dove
You have given me freedom
And shined your Love from above
For I will love you
Forever and Ever
I'm as free as a Dove -
I'm as free as a Dove!

The Designer Baby---- 07.06.11

The Designer Baby

Paradise is missing
Said the old man in His kitchen
To his beloved wife Sue
You've heard of the old fable
With the dog under the table
The cat on the mat
The mouse on the side board
She didn't know what to do!
And the chicken's a' roasting
But what exactly is missing?
Look out of their window and you will see
Two Men kissing
Are they relatives, cousins or lovers?
For in my cupboard
Lies many delights
Of baking powder, sugar and jam
We have no children! 
What are we to do?
We must make a Gingerbread Man!
He shall be light and fair
With strawberry essence hair
He shall be a real treat
The kind the ladies like to meet
Oooh, and the boys too!
He shall be the most attractive guy around
To me and you
And we shall be his proud parents
For he can do no wrong
He will be our designer baby
We will bake Him and make Him strong
The villagers can to hell with their views
Let them talk- But he shall be ours!
He shall be the best!
Better than all the rest
What say me? - lets make a designer baby!
Now into the oven the ingredients go
Flour, Sugar, Oooooh My little gingerbread man!!
Shape his hands well, and his little legs
He could be anyone --an athlete, a rock star
A doctor, a Climbing instructor
A designer, A collector of antique jars
A carpenter, Zoo keeper, Candle stick maker!
Oh, the possibilities are endless
This does feel bizarre!
But let us hurry - Make Him and bake Him well
For He is the one who has a story to tell
The Press will jump in, the magic carpet too
The people will know about him from all around
We can start a trend 
A global phenemena
Yes! Thats what we will do!
In the Oven you must go
We have mixed our dna with You -
You shall be The Gingerbread Man!
Whats done is done, We can't go back
Now, Lets open the Oven 
And let him take his first steps outdoors
He must experience life!
The door opens.....
But in a flash, as fast as lightening 
The little gingerbread man 
Starts a running
"Run run as fast as you can 
You can't catch me 
I'm the Gingerbread Man!
I will be no designer baby
I will not enrol in your wicked plan
Find another child-- It just cannot be!"

Chasing him down the street
In the middle of the night
The little boy ran--
You can't catch me
I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Gingerbread Man ----07.06.11

 The Gingerbread Man

Beneath my Victoria sponge 
My soul is encased....
For I hold a wicked secret
My Jack O lantern has given up the ghost
My story has not yet been told
Your Gingerbread house will not hold me down
I shall be free and wear the righteous man's crown!
I can see through this blindfold
My future has not yet been erased
For I have seen a different race
One with with ten fingers and sharp pointed toes
With mysterious eyes and bony fingers
Beckoning, Yearning, Why? No one knows!
The Gingerbread man is calling me
To take off my clothes and sleep with him
For he is a sugar delight of great intregue
He gives most a fright - But No! Not Me!
Trifles are served and shoe laces are undone
Will you trip up holding a sweet cherry bun?
Is your angel delight not sweet enough for you my dear?
Have you gone amiss - But does anyone miss you?
Are you getting the picture?
Or are you just getting thinner
Believing the lies of the T.V, magazines and media
Oh well, I shall sing a song of children lost
Of sweet cherry pie and candy canes
Do you want your tart in the microwave
Or in the oven of fun?

Don't tell anyone!
But are you asleep in your bed?
Now rest your weary head
Just one last donut or late night chocolate
A bedtime story that still haunts me
Of ancient secrets true and untold
This is the one that torments me the most
Will I sleep with the Gingerbread Ghost?

Sunday, 5 June 2011

ONE NEW MAN --------5.6.11


An ancient encylopedia

reveals a new media

Of interactive time travel

And quantum space leaps

Do you see a new story unfolding?

Because the Great Chasm is opening

Is the damage under the sea bed?

Or the sinister thoughts in our own heads?

Has your vintage string of pearls broken?

Do you look to the past to predict your fashion?

Do you know too much or not enough?

Are you living in sweet ignorance or sickening fear?

From day to day we are too busy to say

We are under control !!

The media and the governmnet has been watching you and I

Watching our activities

watching from the Skies

And they know exactly what the next plague will be!

They know everything about you and Me

And They have a sick ability

To fuse our dna with the more demonic kind

To make one sinsiter global mind

And they will do this through the internet

they will fuse man and machine together

For an even greater tomorrow

But watch out !

They don't have your best interests at heart

They have one order, one agenda and one sordid master

Well, watch this space if you do not believe me

There will be castastrophic change

A new design is forming

A new human is forming

One that lives in "Peace with one another"

But is really a wolf in sheeps clothing

A new Day has begun!

Which side are you on?