Friday, 29 July 2011


Often I need to daydream
Before I go to sleep
And remember all the promises 
That I am trying to keep.
I see the memories pass me fly
Not long now in the past
Reaching out for more
Reaching into the sky
The little fishes wonder why
The little shrimps swim so close by
The Sun wonders why 
The rainclouds have taken over the day
The twinking stars and cosmic doors
talk of their curious ways. 
I wonder why they are so far away?
The feline search
The days spent in Church
I remember the children rush out from school
Their bright shiny eyes
The wonder of it all.
They held my hand to sing and dance
Innocent bliss - Without a care
Would it be terrible if we forgot this all?
Wouldnt it be sad if we didn't remember
If you saw me trip over
Would you catch my fall?

My dreams are made to give and to share
I need to dream while i'm awake
Then the people won't stand and stare
I need to daydream before i go to sleep
It's far more better than 
Trying to count sheep!
The domestic goddess and the barbeque 
that went wrong
The practice of a kind man's song. 
The moon at night
My soul is near it's flight...
And so off to bed 
Sleepy head
Time to meet the living and the dead
To cross the void
Into endless dreaming
Follow the path of endless seeing
This is only the beginning -
Let my soul take flight
Step into the Light
Let the plants on my windowsill
Grow and Grow
Into my dreams;
There, shall I go.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pretty Fishes

The pretty fishes 
are looking at me
smiling, winking
with their glassy eyes.
It's time I slowed down
It's time I stopped
In the beauty of this place.

To stop and love
Is the greatest gift 
I can give you.

Before I can realise 
The waters are over my head
I will see your face
And the beauty of this place

I can not drown
When I'm holding your hand

I see the passing glory
Of the Past
Dull lifeless fishes
That have given up on life 
And their childhood wishes

I see their glory pass me by
I see the spider and the fly
There is no time to wonder why

The see the river's wide and deep
I see the children trying to sleep 
You are the voice that echoes in my soul
You are the voice I want to keep.

You are the greatest gift I can give
And when I do eventually realise
That I'm swimming with the fishes
They are looking at me 
With their glassy eternal eyes

I see your wisdom
Is from Above
The Greatest Gift
In Life Is Love.

Under This Mountain Of Dust

Where is your Kingdom?
Where is your Love?
Under this mountain of dust
Let your Kingdom come

Let all the earth see you
Let all the earth see your wonders
Let your Kingdom come

Remove all the dust and debris
Pull my dusty mountain down
Take away the creatures of the night

Repair my broken crown 
Pull your kingdom down

We can make it happen
You are in-fact, waiting for us
To co create reality with you

And now to end this illusion
Let your Glory fall
I have heard your call
Remove all the debris and dust

Remove all the horror and terror
Remove the mountains of torment 
From the people and the suicidal wish
The lies of the media - The satelite dish

The mountain of loneliness and hunger
The mountain of injustice and hate
The mountain of sickness and pain
The mountain of dust that still looks the same

Remove these mountains from our lives!

Your Kingdom is what I seek 
You have counted all your sheep
Heaven shall reign eternally
No more pain and blasphemy

The Earth clock is ticking
But time is outside of your presence
We have destroyed ourselves before
And we are almost there again

But in the hearts of women and men
Your Love will cover the earth again
And soon we shall see you re-appear
Your perfect love casts away all fear

Where is your kingdom?
Where is your love
Under this mountain of dust
Let your Kingdom come

The Embers Are Still Burning

The embers are still burning 
My soul is still yearning
The world is still turning
I love you.

You have called me as your own
Touch this heart of mine
With your love so Divine

Your peace is so amazing
Your love is still blazing
You have called me as your own

Let the world crumble
Let the oceans be drained
And yet my heart still belongs to you
And your Beauty Divine

Your space is here in my life
The is no more time for strife
I love you more than life

Your Love satifies my soul
Your Love makes me whole
Your blazing love is only a breath away

You are only a breath away
You are only a breath away
You are only a breath away!

Your Love holds me
And keeps me whole
Im running into your fire
You're my only desire

Your power is beyond comprehension
Your power is a revelation

Rebuild my heart again
For I have broken it for You

Take out this heart of stone
You have called me as your own

My embers are still burning
My soul is still yearning
The world is still turning

My Love remains the same
I love you Beloved
You don't have to play
Any more games
You are right beside me.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Searching for something
In the middle of the night
Something of legend
Something rare.
What did you expect to find
In a pitch black wood?
You did all that you could
But you still ran into
Strange creatures
That gave you a scare
Leading you to the middle of nowhere
And why did you trust the creep
That led you there?
Hanging form the trees
is the graveyard of skulls
Sinister creatures lurk there
Waiting for foolish souls
You may think it's a bad dream
But all that remains is to be seen
You'll soon discover, undercover
What lies beneth is simply obscene. 
I am sure life is not very fair
Our guests are trapped
In their despair.
You didn't listen to the advice
Did you think it would be wise?
The sheer evil 
Will terrorize
Resurfacing horror
With reddened eyes
Laying there are deformed
Ugly Folk
And while you choke
They torture you slowly
All life they despise.
They just don't care.
But you were foolish enough
To venture the darkened night
Deserving the fright,
As a result;
It is time to meet your Fate.
When you went through that 
Old rusted iron gate
The notice told you 
It was Condemned.
So, what did you really expect?
Of course, you tried to escape
But it was just too late.
You're heart was sordid 
In your quest, so now
You'll end up like all the rest.
This is the Way
You will meet Your End 
This is the Way 
That is Condemned. 


Not everyone dies
Happily ever after
Some fools die in pain.
If you spend your time 
Chasing lies
What exactly will you gain?
No, there's not always
A Happy Ending for everyone..

Some fools die the same
Some fools die in pain

There's not always a Master Craftsmen
That will bail you out.
The Journey we make 
Is never the same
Some cry inwardly
Some scream and shout
In agony and pain

Till our last breath is drawn
before I'm old I will confess
That I love You
And You are the best.
I don't want to die all alone
We lived most of our life 
At the Grindstone
So, when I'm old I will confess
To loving you with all that I am
I would hope you are with me
In death holding my hand.
I will call out to you
And You will answer me 
From the deepest of sorrow black
At Your Death stone
I won't turn back.
I will always be there
Holding Your broken roses
While you skip through the poses
I will cry and moan
Mourn and weep
But I will always be beside you
In My Regret 
In my Grief
Even in the Darkness
Pitch Black 
I will always love You
My Darling, This is True.


Abuse me
Adore me
Hold me
Treat me kindly!
Ohhh, the impulse has taken me over!
It's your love baby
Now we're getting closer
Your love like lust is never enough
You're taking me over tonight
You know that it feels so right
You're taking me over tonight
You're My Love Drug
Infect me with your poison tonight
I wanna be with you all through the night
The impulse has taken me over tonight
Keep doing what you do to me
All night!
All night!
Your love drug has taken me over tonight
The impulse has its hold over me tonight
I want to love you all through the night
And baby you know this feels so right
I want to hold you there
Hold me here
In my sweet despair tonight
You're my Exctasy
My Fantasy
My Poisonous Desire!
You're my Love
My Life
My Fire
I want to hold you there tonight
You're my Love Drug 
And you make me feel so right!
The impulse has it's hold over me tonight!

The Faceless Ones

They were the Faceless Ones
They scared me half to death
That Night
They had come for my mother
But instead
They snatched my brother.
I never meant to hurt you
You were supposed to be my lover
It's clear if they had eyes
They wouldn't even be there.
Imagine going through life
without being able to stare?
You'll  remember them 
When You can't sleep
And you need the bathroom
Late one Night
Too scared to turn on 
The landing Light.
So roll the Dice
Play the Game
When I stare back at you
Is what we see the same?
There were the Faceless Ones
Don't forget.
They lived their lives
But died in tears of pain and regret.

I am a Faceless One
I will make You one too.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Spider and the Fly

Do you love me?
Said the Spider to the Fly

I'm in a sticky situation
And I don't really know why!
Have you ever had a love infection
That did not last?
An infatuation that made it's mark?
A broken heart. 
A different path.
Well, you can blame the sun
Or you can blame the rain
And my heart will still look the same.
But, do you really love me?
said the little girl who lied
It was only a few penny sweets
Not a dress made from meat!
It's not very much
But it's all that I have
For all it's worth 
I love You
For all it's worth
I promise to honour and obey you.
I will never sleep in someone elses web.
The Great Net that caught us both
Still holds us close.

I will wait for the butterfly to charm me
This coming spring 
Is when it shall begin.
The moths flutter by
Past the Light, at Just gone twilight.
And now it is becoming daylight at last
The flying ladybirds are just in sight
For I can keep you
All locked up forever tonight.
I don't like missing you
So i'll just try kissing you
You are always on my mind
And I don't really know why..
I know you are one of a kind
I know that you love me
Said the Spider to the Fly.


This is the House
Where nobody goes
But, just who lives there
Nobody knows.
Sometimes I hear
an old woman screaming
From my window
I think she is calling my brother's name
But he died a long time ago
So it couldn't be him.
But then again, noboby really knows
The pitter patter of the rain
outside keeps me from sleeping
I have entered the Void
of endless dreaming.
And, to my mother's shame
I still take the blame
For what happened to my brother Jim
That cold winter night
When my mother drank too much Gin.
This is the House where nobody goes
No-one lives here anymore.
And in the end, It was my father 
That broke down our door
My mother of course, after that
Decided to buy herself a little flat
No one thought
Her fleeting romance would last.
There would be strings of men
to abuse and to adore
But she would always end up wanting more
I remember
The haunting melodies
She would sing.
It wasn't much she brought to the house
But she did bring
Some sort of happiness.
Her aspersions, I'm afraid she did cast.
But it shouldn't have have been this way you see!
I have lost my brother,
My Daddy and my Mummy!

And I still wonder
what made her flip like that
We used to sit in the library room 
Talking for hours, making plans 
But now it has come to soon;

This is the sound that no one know's
This is the house where nobody goes

And I am the only one left here now
Left here, all alone
Of all the children 
That have been and gone
None bring me closer to tears
Than this little girl
Alone with her fears
She only caught a glimpse of the light
Because it was blinding - spell binding
Now she is an Agent of the Night
Now all that's left is herself and her house
She thought her parents loved her the most
But she is such a lonely Ghost.

The Lost Ones

Who's next please?
Do take a seat
In the waiting room of Life...

Oh, where are my children?!
And even though I didnt appreciate 
Their strife - I miss them dearly
Why did I listen to my wife?
We'll pack them off to the woods
For a picnic you said
No harm will come to them
A kind stranger will take them in..
Why did I listen to you?!
I married you for peace and quiet
But now they are lost
And I don't know what to do!
You have vexed me and controlled me
All these years!
You haven't considered me 
Or our childrens fears!
You can't just forget about them
and pretend they don't exist!
Don't you even care?
You know our children 
have hearts of gold
Even they would give you 
their last crust of bread to share!
And now you will grow old
With your heart so icy cold
You have shown your true colours
Although i have seen more pain
In a bleeding rainbow!
So, where are they now?!
They could be anywhere!
You have prooved to me
that you just don't care!
Like a bullet in the head
They could soon be dead!
Cold, lost and all alone
They will never find their way back home!
I can't believe we are in up to our necks
in this crazy situation!
So when the police come round
Questioning about our children's alienation
It's their blood on your hands!
This is abuse and neglect
And I will have no part of it!

The old woman speaks...
Oh do be quiet you wretched man!
Our children were always a burden to us 
You know that!
So now they will live or they shall die
And no longer will our name be blackened
You silly fool! 
You should always listen to me!
I always know what is best
You know we won't starve
We have our secret stash of food
And nobody knew!
Besides, it's our future we can always invest
In making babies another day!
So, please don't argue
I know, Im deliciously wicked and corrupt
I'm thier poor cruel stepmother
But, my darling when we are better off
We can always have another!
We really won't miss them and that's the truth!
Now, come to bed and stop all your fright
You've lost your children 
To the darkness of the night!

 And now our story takes a different turn,

The old man speaks again:

In death they still found me guilty
Of course my children were kept safe
I was far too passive
Never agressive
To learn the lessons of life
And what happened to my wife?
Hauntingly, she hung herself victoriously...

Who's next please?
In Deaths waiting room of Life?