Friday, 29 July 2011


Often I need to daydream
Before I go to sleep
And remember all the promises 
That I am trying to keep.
I see the memories pass me fly
Not long now in the past
Reaching out for more
Reaching into the sky
The little fishes wonder why
The little shrimps swim so close by
The Sun wonders why 
The rainclouds have taken over the day
The twinking stars and cosmic doors
talk of their curious ways. 
I wonder why they are so far away?
The feline search
The days spent in Church
I remember the children rush out from school
Their bright shiny eyes
The wonder of it all.
They held my hand to sing and dance
Innocent bliss - Without a care
Would it be terrible if we forgot this all?
Wouldnt it be sad if we didn't remember
If you saw me trip over
Would you catch my fall?

My dreams are made to give and to share
I need to dream while i'm awake
Then the people won't stand and stare
I need to daydream before i go to sleep
It's far more better than 
Trying to count sheep!
The domestic goddess and the barbeque 
that went wrong
The practice of a kind man's song. 
The moon at night
My soul is near it's flight...
And so off to bed 
Sleepy head
Time to meet the living and the dead
To cross the void
Into endless dreaming
Follow the path of endless seeing
This is only the beginning -
Let my soul take flight
Step into the Light
Let the plants on my windowsill
Grow and Grow
Into my dreams;
There, shall I go.

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