Thursday, 7 July 2011


Not everyone dies
Happily ever after
Some fools die in pain.
If you spend your time 
Chasing lies
What exactly will you gain?
No, there's not always
A Happy Ending for everyone..

Some fools die the same
Some fools die in pain

There's not always a Master Craftsmen
That will bail you out.
The Journey we make 
Is never the same
Some cry inwardly
Some scream and shout
In agony and pain

Till our last breath is drawn
before I'm old I will confess
That I love You
And You are the best.
I don't want to die all alone
We lived most of our life 
At the Grindstone
So, when I'm old I will confess
To loving you with all that I am
I would hope you are with me
In death holding my hand.
I will call out to you
And You will answer me 
From the deepest of sorrow black
At Your Death stone
I won't turn back.
I will always be there
Holding Your broken roses
While you skip through the poses
I will cry and moan
Mourn and weep
But I will always be beside you
In My Regret 
In my Grief
Even in the Darkness
Pitch Black 
I will always love You
My Darling, This is True.

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