Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Lost Ones

Who's next please?
Do take a seat
In the waiting room of Life...

Oh, where are my children?!
And even though I didnt appreciate 
Their strife - I miss them dearly
Why did I listen to my wife?
We'll pack them off to the woods
For a picnic you said
No harm will come to them
A kind stranger will take them in..
Why did I listen to you?!
I married you for peace and quiet
But now they are lost
And I don't know what to do!
You have vexed me and controlled me
All these years!
You haven't considered me 
Or our childrens fears!
You can't just forget about them
and pretend they don't exist!
Don't you even care?
You know our children 
have hearts of gold
Even they would give you 
their last crust of bread to share!
And now you will grow old
With your heart so icy cold
You have shown your true colours
Although i have seen more pain
In a bleeding rainbow!
So, where are they now?!
They could be anywhere!
You have prooved to me
that you just don't care!
Like a bullet in the head
They could soon be dead!
Cold, lost and all alone
They will never find their way back home!
I can't believe we are in up to our necks
in this crazy situation!
So when the police come round
Questioning about our children's alienation
It's their blood on your hands!
This is abuse and neglect
And I will have no part of it!

The old woman speaks...
Oh do be quiet you wretched man!
Our children were always a burden to us 
You know that!
So now they will live or they shall die
And no longer will our name be blackened
You silly fool! 
You should always listen to me!
I always know what is best
You know we won't starve
We have our secret stash of food
And nobody knew!
Besides, it's our future we can always invest
In making babies another day!
So, please don't argue
I know, Im deliciously wicked and corrupt
I'm thier poor cruel stepmother
But, my darling when we are better off
We can always have another!
We really won't miss them and that's the truth!
Now, come to bed and stop all your fright
You've lost your children 
To the darkness of the night!

 And now our story takes a different turn,

The old man speaks again:

In death they still found me guilty
Of course my children were kept safe
I was far too passive
Never agressive
To learn the lessons of life
And what happened to my wife?
Hauntingly, she hung herself victoriously...

Who's next please?
In Deaths waiting room of Life?

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