Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sweet Society

Creampies and doughnuts
Gingerbread men with no nuts
You won't be allergic to this
Now, before you start
You simply must have jam tart!
With clotted cream Waheyy!
Mmmm Isn't that nice young man?
What do you feel like eating today?
Oh, this is so exciting
What more can I say?
Now, let me get my special book of recipies
Here! Have a look!
I'm sure there will be many more
Little children that find my home
I will hear them eating away at my Gingerbread Door!

I will make an even sweeter society!

Boys and girls with strawberry curls

Of every shape, size, colour and variety!
You'll see them from miles around!
My Gingerbread house will bring me riches and fame
I will be known as the best baker
And the most delicious candy maker!
Yes -- You'll soon know my name!
Now, eat up little dear
And stop complaining about feeling queer!
There is much work to be done
Oh, yes I do lobve the fact
I kidnapped your Mother's only son!
And my wicked work has just begun!

Transgendered freaks
I will make them all unique!
Now, get into my oven 
You will taste a treat!

For, I am the Great Griselder

The most curious
The most famous
Candy making
Wicked old Witch!

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