Sunday, 5 June 2011

ONE NEW MAN --------5.6.11


An ancient encylopedia

reveals a new media

Of interactive time travel

And quantum space leaps

Do you see a new story unfolding?

Because the Great Chasm is opening

Is the damage under the sea bed?

Or the sinister thoughts in our own heads?

Has your vintage string of pearls broken?

Do you look to the past to predict your fashion?

Do you know too much or not enough?

Are you living in sweet ignorance or sickening fear?

From day to day we are too busy to say

We are under control !!

The media and the governmnet has been watching you and I

Watching our activities

watching from the Skies

And they know exactly what the next plague will be!

They know everything about you and Me

And They have a sick ability

To fuse our dna with the more demonic kind

To make one sinsiter global mind

And they will do this through the internet

they will fuse man and machine together

For an even greater tomorrow

But watch out !

They don't have your best interests at heart

They have one order, one agenda and one sordid master

Well, watch this space if you do not believe me

There will be castastrophic change

A new design is forming

A new human is forming

One that lives in "Peace with one another"

But is really a wolf in sheeps clothing

A new Day has begun!

Which side are you on?

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