Monday, 6 June 2011

The Gingerbread Man ----07.06.11

 The Gingerbread Man

Beneath my Victoria sponge 
My soul is encased....
For I hold a wicked secret
My Jack O lantern has given up the ghost
My story has not yet been told
Your Gingerbread house will not hold me down
I shall be free and wear the righteous man's crown!
I can see through this blindfold
My future has not yet been erased
For I have seen a different race
One with with ten fingers and sharp pointed toes
With mysterious eyes and bony fingers
Beckoning, Yearning, Why? No one knows!
The Gingerbread man is calling me
To take off my clothes and sleep with him
For he is a sugar delight of great intregue
He gives most a fright - But No! Not Me!
Trifles are served and shoe laces are undone
Will you trip up holding a sweet cherry bun?
Is your angel delight not sweet enough for you my dear?
Have you gone amiss - But does anyone miss you?
Are you getting the picture?
Or are you just getting thinner
Believing the lies of the T.V, magazines and media
Oh well, I shall sing a song of children lost
Of sweet cherry pie and candy canes
Do you want your tart in the microwave
Or in the oven of fun?

Don't tell anyone!
But are you asleep in your bed?
Now rest your weary head
Just one last donut or late night chocolate
A bedtime story that still haunts me
Of ancient secrets true and untold
This is the one that torments me the most
Will I sleep with the Gingerbread Ghost?

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