Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bleak------ 23rd June 2011

So bleak
So wild and so Rugged
So tainted
So dated
Is the old postcard
On Grandma's fridge
So boring
The old man is snoring
Yet beautiful and Unique
The rain outside is pouring
I've never been to Church
But ive seen your wooden hurts
How  can you cover your pain
With endless sawdust?
You're a fallen tree
with no kind leaves
Your so bleak
A wild and rugged man
You have become weak
And its your future I seek
In the palm of your hand
You lived your life
Now its over my dear
So take that awful picture off the wall
I am not listening to you at all
for we are bleak lovers
With nothing to hide
The mundane has become insane
In this sand your mind will sink
I'm so bleak
I'm so weak
Now hand me over another Drink.

(Bleak is a poem about old lovers)

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