Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Designer Baby---- 07.06.11

The Designer Baby

Paradise is missing
Said the old man in His kitchen
To his beloved wife Sue
You've heard of the old fable
With the dog under the table
The cat on the mat
The mouse on the side board
She didn't know what to do!
And the chicken's a' roasting
But what exactly is missing?
Look out of their window and you will see
Two Men kissing
Are they relatives, cousins or lovers?
For in my cupboard
Lies many delights
Of baking powder, sugar and jam
We have no children! 
What are we to do?
We must make a Gingerbread Man!
He shall be light and fair
With strawberry essence hair
He shall be a real treat
The kind the ladies like to meet
Oooh, and the boys too!
He shall be the most attractive guy around
To me and you
And we shall be his proud parents
For he can do no wrong
He will be our designer baby
We will bake Him and make Him strong
The villagers can to hell with their views
Let them talk- But he shall be ours!
He shall be the best!
Better than all the rest
What say me? - lets make a designer baby!
Now into the oven the ingredients go
Flour, Sugar, Oooooh My little gingerbread man!!
Shape his hands well, and his little legs
He could be anyone --an athlete, a rock star
A doctor, a Climbing instructor
A designer, A collector of antique jars
A carpenter, Zoo keeper, Candle stick maker!
Oh, the possibilities are endless
This does feel bizarre!
But let us hurry - Make Him and bake Him well
For He is the one who has a story to tell
The Press will jump in, the magic carpet too
The people will know about him from all around
We can start a trend 
A global phenemena
Yes! Thats what we will do!
In the Oven you must go
We have mixed our dna with You -
You shall be The Gingerbread Man!
Whats done is done, We can't go back
Now, Lets open the Oven 
And let him take his first steps outdoors
He must experience life!
The door opens.....
But in a flash, as fast as lightening 
The little gingerbread man 
Starts a running
"Run run as fast as you can 
You can't catch me 
I'm the Gingerbread Man!
I will be no designer baby
I will not enrol in your wicked plan
Find another child-- It just cannot be!"

Chasing him down the street
In the middle of the night
The little boy ran--
You can't catch me
I'm the Gingerbread Man!

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