Wednesday, 30 July 2014

CHILD SLAVERY - 29th July 2014

CHILD SLAVERY - 29th July 2014

Their innocent eyes were weeping
These children should have been sleeping
Their captors were viciously cruel and left
Their bodies battered and bruised
They couldnt get away
They were the 'throw away children' about to be used!
The ritual was about to begin - In this hideout of sin
They were told it would be fun
That they must comply or die
All in the hope of finding an owner
That wouldnt treat them 'too badly'
Sadly, this isnt the way of these cruel men
Maybe they would find one that would be kind
One that wouldnt marr the skin.
Little did they know their hell was about to begin.

Beheld on a catwalk of shame
No one even knew their name
Some were picked, few were chosen
Some were discarded, All were broken
Paraded and prodded like cattle - treated worse than you can believe
They had broken their bodies
Now they would try breaking their souls.
After that they would be theirs!
The Greedy vampires of lust were too sadistic to imagine
They would do anything for 'young money'
The lust of the 'owners' is beyond description
All I know is that -
These beautiful little ones suffered much violation

It all started one night when they were snatched from thier beds
Snatched away from their dreams
To be sold into slavery by their own parents!
To have their young souls ripped at the seams
Can you imagine the horror?
Can you imagine their screams!!

Now at the meeting place of hell and shame
The new initiates would gather
Where blasphemies and immorality
now took center stage.
No one cared for these children, or so it seemed to them
They were broken down, by their 'handlers'  -demonically infused
They were passed down and used - discarded and bruised
They had no home to call their own for they were constantly swapped
They tried to escape but most of the time the cages were locked

And if they werent kept under lock and key
They lived in a rich and priviledged lifestyle but with no freedom
Prisoners, prostituted for money - pimped out and used
Without a choice - they belonged to their 'Masters'
They only did what the highest bidder wanted - whenever they wanted it.
These poor souls knew no other other life - They were so used to being abused
They had given up dreaming of being 'free'
Who would care for them now?

Now hooked on drugs without a way out,
Barely living on the edge of death
Praying to breathe their very last breath
Trapped in despair of this very real nightmare
Who really knows where these kids will end up?
Who really cares?
Will God really answer their prayers?
Is it enough just to pray and then forget?
Mustn't we take action to fight child slavery?
With these poor children living
In the valley of the shadow of death
Who will answer these children's prayers?
Who will come to their aid?
The time is NOW. The time is fleeting away