Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happiness comes from Within -- poem 23 Dec 10

Happiness comes from Within

Happiness comes from within
I have seen this shaken land
Of times forgotten
And endless Seas
I have seen the Old One's hand
And How He made
The dolphins leap
The fishes see
But Happiness comes from within
I have seen a thousand ships
And a mirriad of stars
And yet I have never seen such beauty
As to when i look into your eyes
I have seen the scales
Of the fishes
And their diamond kisses
and the Scales of Destiny
Weighing up
The Good
The Bad
And the Ugly
 And still I see
That Happiness comes from within
I have seen the greatest depths
I have swam in the shallow pools of life
I have seen many wonders
And many great Sights
But now I have begun to see
The Greatest Gift of all
That Happiness comes from within.

The Sky is Singing --- Poem Sept 17.2010


The Sky is singing today
Did you hear it ?
Or was it yesterday?
The broken bottles
have been cleared away
For a new day
A new Song
A new poem to stir up your heart
A trip to wonderland
Is out of the question
because I am in love...
I am in love with you
I no longer need my drugs
I no longer need
the things i used to need
I no longer do
the thingsI used to do
But the sky is still singing for me
Come rain or shine
Why didn't i see?
Why didn't I believe?
Through the brambles
Through the ragged hedge
Of Life
Your Song has stirred my soul
I have seen you
I have kissed you
Now you are Mine
You are my sunshine
And now I hearthe wonderful song
Of a new day
Of living by a different way
Oh Yes, Now I can see!
The sky is singing For You and Me

I am Being .....Poem 26.11.10

I am Being 

I am Being
I am seeing
the Truth
from Your eyes
and my eyes
that we are all connected
all intertwined
in this cosmic map of energy
and yet we are
Travelling through
space and time
endless awareness
of all that we are
Creating hope
with an even brighter
dream for tommorow.
My search has come to an end;
we are One
but not the same
Together we ride the
throughout all eternity
where the beginning
has no end
mapping out
our future
connected to The Source;
The giver of all Life
And Dreams
shall come true
if you dare to believe
Endless Love
Infinite Beauty
We are now
beginning to see
the Truth of our exsistence
and our Pathway
to True Freedom
Breaking down
the barriors of the old
we are creating
a New future
A brighter hope
for tommorrow
Where we all
Have a realisation
of Who we really are
Where we are travelling to
And what really lies ahead
Cosmic Consciousness
Higher Awareness
Infinite Love and Light
All that I am
I am Life;
I am Being

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fallen Hero -- Poem 14 Dec 2010

Fallen Hero

My Fallen Hero
walking through
the edge of nowhere
with you in my hands
walking through
the  Perfect Park of Endless Desire

Im amazed by you
My childhood dream
My Toy Boy Soldier
and yet time is ever invading
always cascading
are the falling leaves
upon the ground
where i met you
and heard the sound
of songs sung in love
with a stranger from above
switching sides -

The trees begin to mock me
The snakes hissing in the ground

And here you are
Staring at me
Trying to catch my gaze
And I am trying to contemplate
Where you came from
And what You want
While I live my life
from days to daze
I see my childhood Hero
I see His many faces
I see His name begin to change
I see His broken dream
I see His aching Heart
For Love
For he has come to me from above
Confusing me
His alternate soul
gazing through me
wanting to know how I feel
and yet I just do not know
The Time has run out
For it is time to go
He parts and trys to kiss
Yet he mistakes me
 From Inside out
He will miss out
Emotionally I am torn
With this stranger from above
And the real man that I love
My Childhood Hero
My Fallen Zero
My broken dream
Parting --
I am no longer seen.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Chaos into Calm Poem....3rd Dec 2010

Chaos into Calm

My head feels crushed
Train spotter
Fly on the wall
Poisonous Mushroom
Potato mashed
I cannot think anymore
Everything is a whirl
of confusion
and chaos
and i just need to rest
and yet i cannot rest.
I see the shining sun upon the snow
with no where to go
melting ice falling
cascading chaos
where is the beauty?
where is the sunshine today?
My heart is cold
and i am getting old
My soul feels as if it's been sold
I cannot think anymore.
and it all seemed so final
But then...
I saw myself running
another persons race
I turned and saw my face
And although
I have fallen from grace
maybe there is a way out of this
dark and horrible place
But Still
The statues seem to talk to me
so cold and iniviting
so empty and frightening
I reason with myself
 'my life is not supposed to be like this'
All stressed out

So i went to the mirror
and saw my face
and i said
'Watch this space!
Times are changing
You are not a freak
but unique!'
See the sun melt away the snow
and although
You felt you had nowhere to go
You see the story
begin to unfold
Happiness happening
the great tale of old
'a happy ending'
or so you've been told
Restructuring my thoughts
turning chaos into calm
stress into peace
confusion into clarity
and delusion into reality
Now i see more clearly!
The snow is melting away
the hardness of my heart
the part of me
that has forgotten
how to love you
and although
my life was on the brink
and i carry around the kitchen sink
huge weights of
melancholy moments
hidden by the fantastic fascade
I no longer will play this charade
And so i will pick up something
along my way
above the tree tops is
life's healing balm;
and now through the storm
now through the flood
now through the fire
and through the mud
I have turned all of
my chaos into calm
with life's helpful healing balm.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Coffee and Cocaine --- poem 2nd Dec 2010

Coffee and Cocaine

White powder glistening
From the heavy Night before
Did i really do that?
And who is this?
My head feels as if its been
stamped on
And yet
I must must push that thought away
from the drug dealers paradise
to the grinning cheshire cat
I can only imagine
the heartache
that I have caused
the incapacibility
of my my broken heart
is yet thrown to the wind
for i am a dark angel
a agent of the night
I sleep in the day
and make my money at Night
The tides are calling me
to slow down
to chill out
and choose to lose
this wicked addiction
and yet
i am hooked
to this life of partying
and endless pursuit
Of caviar and volauvents
Of cognac and violence
Of Bubbly and boring people
Of stories Long
Yet I belived were true
the Night was once young
but now i feel like a fool
where is my coffee?
Where is my life?
What am i doing?
Where am i going?
need to do some shopping
Need some retail therapy
I see nothing but the void
I wear a plastic smile
I wear my cheapest perfume
That smells great to everyone else
But Me
Where is my Coffee?
Where is my Life?

(seen from the perspective of a rich drug addict. I do not use drugs nor do I endorse them)

Poem: Gridlocked 2nd Dec 2010


A new One speaks:
See the traffic jam
of Common sense
Where life has lost its meaning;
See the understanding
of the Partial
See the opening
of the Wise Door
The Door of Destiny
And hope and Life
The most crucial Flower
And yet
She never dies
the Aching
Human heart
Has gone adrift in search
for many idle things
and missed so much
in between you and me
so now you are
and who holds the key?
Why are you searching
with aimless motives
and soul-less searches?
You are Gridlocked
And yet you have answers
Yet you do not see
Awaken Human Race
Get off your Knees!
Awaken to True Peace
Go through the Door
and abandon your Lusts
for they do not fit in here
Your Gridlocked
Sordid lives
And Begin to see
The matrix unfold
beneath you
above you
Much is waiting for You.

Poem 2nd Dec 2010 Ancient One

Ancient One

Something Ancient
is pulling me
tugging my soul
pursuing me
to use the powers
that i hold within
Ancient ideas
and knowledge
True wisdom
From above;
Truth and love
Castles of time
Portals of life and energy
an ancient craft
or so im told
an old one speaks
the days of old
and yet 
 the younger days
when the craft
was used everyday
a part of
everyones lives
The old one talks to me
and suggests a better way
of living
should i listen to the old one?
and abandon my
black and white
dualistic way of thinking
and yet...
here are new thoughts
from old thoughts
they have emerged as one
i am being shown the answers
of a great day
when all will see such Light
And such power...
Until then old one
I must get to work
"I bid you fare well dear child"
Old one stay by my side
and protect me always
Ancient One
You hold the knowledge within
Ancient One
I feel you.