Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fallen Hero -- Poem 14 Dec 2010

Fallen Hero

My Fallen Hero
walking through
the edge of nowhere
with you in my hands
walking through
the  Perfect Park of Endless Desire

Im amazed by you
My childhood dream
My Toy Boy Soldier
and yet time is ever invading
always cascading
are the falling leaves
upon the ground
where i met you
and heard the sound
of songs sung in love
with a stranger from above
switching sides -

The trees begin to mock me
The snakes hissing in the ground

And here you are
Staring at me
Trying to catch my gaze
And I am trying to contemplate
Where you came from
And what You want
While I live my life
from days to daze
I see my childhood Hero
I see His many faces
I see His name begin to change
I see His broken dream
I see His aching Heart
For Love
For he has come to me from above
Confusing me
His alternate soul
gazing through me
wanting to know how I feel
and yet I just do not know
The Time has run out
For it is time to go
He parts and trys to kiss
Yet he mistakes me
 From Inside out
He will miss out
Emotionally I am torn
With this stranger from above
And the real man that I love
My Childhood Hero
My Fallen Zero
My broken dream
Parting --
I am no longer seen.

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