Thursday, 2 December 2010

Poem 2nd Dec 2010 Ancient One

Ancient One

Something Ancient
is pulling me
tugging my soul
pursuing me
to use the powers
that i hold within
Ancient ideas
and knowledge
True wisdom
From above;
Truth and love
Castles of time
Portals of life and energy
an ancient craft
or so im told
an old one speaks
the days of old
and yet 
 the younger days
when the craft
was used everyday
a part of
everyones lives
The old one talks to me
and suggests a better way
of living
should i listen to the old one?
and abandon my
black and white
dualistic way of thinking
and yet...
here are new thoughts
from old thoughts
they have emerged as one
i am being shown the answers
of a great day
when all will see such Light
And such power...
Until then old one
I must get to work
"I bid you fare well dear child"
Old one stay by my side
and protect me always
Ancient One
You hold the knowledge within
Ancient One
I feel you.

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