Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Sky is Singing --- Poem Sept 17.2010


The Sky is singing today
Did you hear it ?
Or was it yesterday?
The broken bottles
have been cleared away
For a new day
A new Song
A new poem to stir up your heart
A trip to wonderland
Is out of the question
because I am in love...
I am in love with you
I no longer need my drugs
I no longer need
the things i used to need
I no longer do
the thingsI used to do
But the sky is still singing for me
Come rain or shine
Why didn't i see?
Why didn't I believe?
Through the brambles
Through the ragged hedge
Of Life
Your Song has stirred my soul
I have seen you
I have kissed you
Now you are Mine
You are my sunshine
And now I hearthe wonderful song
Of a new day
Of living by a different way
Oh Yes, Now I can see!
The sky is singing For You and Me

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