Friday, 3 December 2010

Chaos into Calm Poem....3rd Dec 2010

Chaos into Calm

My head feels crushed
Train spotter
Fly on the wall
Poisonous Mushroom
Potato mashed
I cannot think anymore
Everything is a whirl
of confusion
and chaos
and i just need to rest
and yet i cannot rest.
I see the shining sun upon the snow
with no where to go
melting ice falling
cascading chaos
where is the beauty?
where is the sunshine today?
My heart is cold
and i am getting old
My soul feels as if it's been sold
I cannot think anymore.
and it all seemed so final
But then...
I saw myself running
another persons race
I turned and saw my face
And although
I have fallen from grace
maybe there is a way out of this
dark and horrible place
But Still
The statues seem to talk to me
so cold and iniviting
so empty and frightening
I reason with myself
 'my life is not supposed to be like this'
All stressed out

So i went to the mirror
and saw my face
and i said
'Watch this space!
Times are changing
You are not a freak
but unique!'
See the sun melt away the snow
and although
You felt you had nowhere to go
You see the story
begin to unfold
Happiness happening
the great tale of old
'a happy ending'
or so you've been told
Restructuring my thoughts
turning chaos into calm
stress into peace
confusion into clarity
and delusion into reality
Now i see more clearly!
The snow is melting away
the hardness of my heart
the part of me
that has forgotten
how to love you
and although
my life was on the brink
and i carry around the kitchen sink
huge weights of
melancholy moments
hidden by the fantastic fascade
I no longer will play this charade
And so i will pick up something
along my way
above the tree tops is
life's healing balm;
and now through the storm
now through the flood
now through the fire
and through the mud
I have turned all of
my chaos into calm
with life's helpful healing balm.

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