Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I am Being .....Poem 26.11.10

I am Being 

I am Being
I am seeing
the Truth
from Your eyes
and my eyes
that we are all connected
all intertwined
in this cosmic map of energy
and yet we are
Travelling through
space and time
endless awareness
of all that we are
Creating hope
with an even brighter
dream for tommorow.
My search has come to an end;
we are One
but not the same
Together we ride the
throughout all eternity
where the beginning
has no end
mapping out
our future
connected to The Source;
The giver of all Life
And Dreams
shall come true
if you dare to believe
Endless Love
Infinite Beauty
We are now
beginning to see
the Truth of our exsistence
and our Pathway
to True Freedom
Breaking down
the barriors of the old
we are creating
a New future
A brighter hope
for tommorrow
Where we all
Have a realisation
of Who we really are
Where we are travelling to
And what really lies ahead
Cosmic Consciousness
Higher Awareness
Infinite Love and Light
All that I am
I am Life;
I am Being

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