Friday, 17 June 2011

The way the cookie crumbles---17th June 2011

 The Way The Cookie Crumbles

This is the way
The Highway of the stolen ones
The ones with many faces
Travelling to many places
Taking the road to no-where.
The is the way the cookie crumbles
This is the way the floodwater tumbles
Crashing through society
Through every face is variety
Of Asian, black, white and gold spun
But none of these songs will lead us back home.
This is the way of the Flood
This is the way I saw you lie
Under every stone an alibi
Your pride the size of the mountain side
This is the way of the Flood.
Time to wash away the rest of today
Because you forgot to Love
And in this way, in everyway
You have still forgotten how to Love.
This is the way the floodwaters tumble
And you worked so hard
Why did you grumble?
And now with broken glass shards
The tables have been turned
For you were warned
This is the way the cookie crumbles.

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