Thursday, 23 June 2011

Wake Up Call -------------------------22/23 June 2011

Wake up Sleepy head!
Now get the hell out of my bed!
You're late for school
Don't you care at all?
You'll fail all your exams 
And end up like us
And we do is appear in fairy tales
Urgggh! You've spilt your gruel!
But don't worry
You know we have have plenty in store
We know you always want more!
We're so used to you coming over
We never run out of fuel
Yet you're about as lucky as a four leaf clover!
Now get out of bed you silly bitch
Or we'll feed you to the Wicked Witch!
You don't want to end up like us
Un-educated scum
So get to school 
There is work to be done!
Go to college, get a Degree, anything!
But get out of my bed!
You heard what I said!
Or I will call your Mum!
I said you could stay over 
But don't take the piss! 
We know you're not the most 
Curteous of girls
With your golden locks 
All beautifully curled
You wouldn't want to lose 
The greatest years of your life
Now dear sweet Goldilocks get to school
Before we use our Teeth on you like a knife
See, We Three Bears are not always mean
But you must stop being a
Tempermental Spoilt Teen!
You have outstayed your welcome hear
So be on your way my dear!
Now be on your way
Dont forget your lunch on the side
Now have a good day!

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