Saturday, 18 June 2011

Through Crystal Tears----18th June 2011

 Through Crystal Tears

Through Crystal Tears
You showed me your fears
And now the time has come to an end
Is this everything?
Through Crystal Tears
You held back the years
Because now its over
and there are no more tears to cry
And in this place of never never
I still see your face shining at me
Painful glances and backward dances
You were once my friend
But now your my enemy
Even the Sun has fallen out of the sky
And i'm not even sure why
The feelings remain
When life has changed
Things are not the same
And through these crystal tears
You held me in the rain
You held me in the Flood
You have my heart of Love
You have my hands of blood
Through Crystal tears
My fears remain the same
We are one and another
The same story of a Lover
Through Crystal Tears
My Love will remain.

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