Tuesday, 7 June 2011

As free as a Dove ----08.06.11

As Free as a Dove

Hold on to the Love you have
Hold on to my heart
So please don't let me go
Don't ever let me go
Because I know
You loved me right from the start
Hold me tightly
Now and forever
Hold on to what is true
You'll find the truth inside of you
And we can fly to the land of 
Never Never
Where all is free
Where the apple doesn't fall
Too far from the tree
And - dancing is the Everlasting sea
For I know you love Me
Forever and Ever
For I will hold you
Encased in my Love
Forever and Ever
As Free as a Dove
You have given me freedom
And shined your Love from above
For I will love you
Forever and Ever
I'm as free as a Dove -
I'm as free as a Dove!

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