Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Spider and the Fly

Do you love me?
Said the Spider to the Fly

I'm in a sticky situation
And I don't really know why!
Have you ever had a love infection
That did not last?
An infatuation that made it's mark?
A broken heart. 
A different path.
Well, you can blame the sun
Or you can blame the rain
And my heart will still look the same.
But, do you really love me?
said the little girl who lied
It was only a few penny sweets
Not a dress made from meat!
It's not very much
But it's all that I have
For all it's worth 
I love You
For all it's worth
I promise to honour and obey you.
I will never sleep in someone elses web.
The Great Net that caught us both
Still holds us close.

I will wait for the butterfly to charm me
This coming spring 
Is when it shall begin.
The moths flutter by
Past the Light, at Just gone twilight.
And now it is becoming daylight at last
The flying ladybirds are just in sight
For I can keep you
All locked up forever tonight.
I don't like missing you
So i'll just try kissing you
You are always on my mind
And I don't really know why..
I know you are one of a kind
I know that you love me
Said the Spider to the Fly.

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