Thursday, 28 July 2011

Under This Mountain Of Dust

Where is your Kingdom?
Where is your Love?
Under this mountain of dust
Let your Kingdom come

Let all the earth see you
Let all the earth see your wonders
Let your Kingdom come

Remove all the dust and debris
Pull my dusty mountain down
Take away the creatures of the night

Repair my broken crown 
Pull your kingdom down

We can make it happen
You are in-fact, waiting for us
To co create reality with you

And now to end this illusion
Let your Glory fall
I have heard your call
Remove all the debris and dust

Remove all the horror and terror
Remove the mountains of torment 
From the people and the suicidal wish
The lies of the media - The satelite dish

The mountain of loneliness and hunger
The mountain of injustice and hate
The mountain of sickness and pain
The mountain of dust that still looks the same

Remove these mountains from our lives!

Your Kingdom is what I seek 
You have counted all your sheep
Heaven shall reign eternally
No more pain and blasphemy

The Earth clock is ticking
But time is outside of your presence
We have destroyed ourselves before
And we are almost there again

But in the hearts of women and men
Your Love will cover the earth again
And soon we shall see you re-appear
Your perfect love casts away all fear

Where is your kingdom?
Where is your love
Under this mountain of dust
Let your Kingdom come

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