Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pretty Fishes

The pretty fishes 
are looking at me
smiling, winking
with their glassy eyes.
It's time I slowed down
It's time I stopped
In the beauty of this place.

To stop and love
Is the greatest gift 
I can give you.

Before I can realise 
The waters are over my head
I will see your face
And the beauty of this place

I can not drown
When I'm holding your hand

I see the passing glory
Of the Past
Dull lifeless fishes
That have given up on life 
And their childhood wishes

I see their glory pass me by
I see the spider and the fly
There is no time to wonder why

The see the river's wide and deep
I see the children trying to sleep 
You are the voice that echoes in my soul
You are the voice I want to keep.

You are the greatest gift I can give
And when I do eventually realise
That I'm swimming with the fishes
They are looking at me 
With their glassy eternal eyes

I see your wisdom
Is from Above
The Greatest Gift
In Life Is Love.

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