Wednesday, 6 July 2011


This is the House
Where nobody goes
But, just who lives there
Nobody knows.
Sometimes I hear
an old woman screaming
From my window
I think she is calling my brother's name
But he died a long time ago
So it couldn't be him.
But then again, noboby really knows
The pitter patter of the rain
outside keeps me from sleeping
I have entered the Void
of endless dreaming.
And, to my mother's shame
I still take the blame
For what happened to my brother Jim
That cold winter night
When my mother drank too much Gin.
This is the House where nobody goes
No-one lives here anymore.
And in the end, It was my father 
That broke down our door
My mother of course, after that
Decided to buy herself a little flat
No one thought
Her fleeting romance would last.
There would be strings of men
to abuse and to adore
But she would always end up wanting more
I remember
The haunting melodies
She would sing.
It wasn't much she brought to the house
But she did bring
Some sort of happiness.
Her aspersions, I'm afraid she did cast.
But it shouldn't have have been this way you see!
I have lost my brother,
My Daddy and my Mummy!

And I still wonder
what made her flip like that
We used to sit in the library room 
Talking for hours, making plans 
But now it has come to soon;

This is the sound that no one know's
This is the house where nobody goes

And I am the only one left here now
Left here, all alone
Of all the children 
That have been and gone
None bring me closer to tears
Than this little girl
Alone with her fears
She only caught a glimpse of the light
Because it was blinding - spell binding
Now she is an Agent of the Night
Now all that's left is herself and her house
She thought her parents loved her the most
But she is such a lonely Ghost.

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