Thursday, 7 July 2011


Searching for something
In the middle of the night
Something of legend
Something rare.
What did you expect to find
In a pitch black wood?
You did all that you could
But you still ran into
Strange creatures
That gave you a scare
Leading you to the middle of nowhere
And why did you trust the creep
That led you there?
Hanging form the trees
is the graveyard of skulls
Sinister creatures lurk there
Waiting for foolish souls
You may think it's a bad dream
But all that remains is to be seen
You'll soon discover, undercover
What lies beneth is simply obscene. 
I am sure life is not very fair
Our guests are trapped
In their despair.
You didn't listen to the advice
Did you think it would be wise?
The sheer evil 
Will terrorize
Resurfacing horror
With reddened eyes
Laying there are deformed
Ugly Folk
And while you choke
They torture you slowly
All life they despise.
They just don't care.
But you were foolish enough
To venture the darkened night
Deserving the fright,
As a result;
It is time to meet your Fate.
When you went through that 
Old rusted iron gate
The notice told you 
It was Condemned.
So, what did you really expect?
Of course, you tried to escape
But it was just too late.
You're heart was sordid 
In your quest, so now
You'll end up like all the rest.
This is the Way
You will meet Your End 
This is the Way 
That is Condemned. 

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