Thursday, 29 September 2011

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

I married the finest of princess
But she turned out to be quite obsessed
Her diaries were handwritten with her blood
She would write for hours an emotional flood.
Yet I hate to digress, she was my princess
And I loved her my dear.
You see the line isn't always that clear 
when you fall in love.
Its easy to fall in love but make sure it's right.
Don't be so confused by the Light.
Its not always easy to stay in love
and have your heart broken time after time.
So now it's time to hear this rhyme;

Deep down inside
You were really a Queen of mine.

See, the Queen of Hearts baked those tarts
And had them stolen from her.
So, therefore she stole my heart. 
There was no end and no start.

From the dungeon I write this note of mine
I used to think you were so Divine!
Oh, how you can get lost in a fairy tale rhyme!
You said you had a heart for the nations
And now by royal invitation
You removed his head;

Total blackout
Total screw up
Rewired his mind
A rewired pantomime
Queen of Hearts;
You were once a friend of mine.

Now all has fallen to the grave
You said you could save my soul
Before I get to old
I'm covered now in thistles and weeds
All because of your sinful deeds

There are no more claims to my name!
Things will never be the same again!

Queen of Hearts
You stole My Heart!

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