Monday, 12 September 2011

Holy Joe

Oh Holy Joe
You'll never really know
How much you rock me
How much you rock me

Oh man 
I wish I had your hands
Of Fire 
Yes Man you're my one desire

You can never burn me
You have hands of Love
Oh Holy Joe
I'm in love with you!

Your pyro love
Is too much for anyone to take
Your pyro love really makes me shake!

When I am in trouble
Man you can really burst my bubble
You give me love that I can get from no other

Your blazing light is so amazing
I love your hot body so much

Holy Joe 
This is where I want to go
You turn on your lights
You give advice through the night

Oh Holy Joe
Your ripples of radiance
Are driving me crazy
I want to be with you forever

Your sweeping signals
Invite me to party 
With You Oh Joe
You know where to go

So take me there
Get me off this square
Take me there tonight

Oh holy Joe 
With your blazing light
Take me there tonight.
Take me there tonight.

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