Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hidden Treasures

Treasures are hidden in the depths of the heart
Could you ever guess what I'm thinking?
You should know I am singing another somg to another beat
You know I would kiss you deeply all the way to your feet

I treasure you more than life. Though I have broken the vows between you and me.
I am broken and torn in two. I live in two different world's because of you.
It's said that Love doesn't think twice but can you tell what I am thinking?
What happened to the greatest of ships? Are you in my heart or are you sinking?

The heart is a multifaceted thing. It's precious and can wound so easily.
I am still hurting baby, I am still hurting baby
I will treasure you for life. I am the way the truth and the life.

Oh yes that's what you said but there's a voice in my head
saying maybe that's not so true. Will you hold me through it all?
Will you kiss me to sleep at night? Have you counted all my tears?
Will you stop all of my fears?
I need you near. More than you ever will know.

I need your love more than life.
My treasure is hidden in my heart and you know what I am thinking
Don't you? You know how many promises I have broken
You know me inside and out. You know when I need to scream and shout.
You know my every alibi, You know every time I try

You even know me when I cry.

Some may pick and choose by shallow descent
But you are the One I can truly trust
And when all is lost You can restore my life

And bring me so much more. 
Time spent with you is time well spent!

You are the very reason I am alive
My treasure is hidden in my heart.
I love you more than life!

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