Friday, 17 May 2013

Too many Words

Too many Words - 17.05.13

Too many words in my head
An Unmade bed
Vomit instead

Of a trip of rainbow colours
Sold for millions
Millions of Pounds
Becasue that's all we are ever chasing after
But what ever happened to Us
What happened to our love?
Too many voices
Telling me all
But you know in the end
Down, we fall.
I know you will send your best to me
From this cracked heart of broken glory
This is the pain from my story
Too many voices inside my head
The Unmade bed
Vomit instead
This is my broken glory
This is my hearts secret story
I adore the pain of seeing you smile in my heart
There is just no way to know how to start

No more left now
No more left now

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