Friday, 17 May 2013



Butterflies in jamjars
Too many shining dark stars
I wonder why I find it hard to sleep at night
Why am I so frightened of living in the light?
"We are one but we are not the same
We are the demons of the soul
We have come to make you whole"

So collect your butterflies
Try as you might
You will never fight the darkness of the night
Flitter flutter little butterfly mind
Flitter flutter little fucked up mind
When i look deep into your eyes
I see the dance of the boastful lies
You are floating, falling from disaster
Broken lies
Broken mind
You are one with the night
Join the Night
The time is now
the time is now
The time is now
Fight the light!
Join the Night!
Little butterfly mind
Little butterfly mind
Your time is now
The time is right.

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