Friday, 17 May 2013

THE DEMONS VERSE -17th april 2013

THE DEMONS VERSE -17th april 2013

I'm in a dichotomy
Dont which way i am supposed to be
Too many hours without rest
no rest for the wicked my dear
no rest for the wicked
Burn the wick at both ends!
The candle keeps on melting
The dangerous sands of time are threatening
I wonder how much we've really all got left
I wonder if the trees break down and cry
Sometimes i wonder why i feel so cold
Sometimes i wonder when i feel old
Age is frightening thing...
But what is more frightening is fear itself;

...."It's here where we come to feed
      It's here where we sow our seed---
We steal your energy which you so freely give away
Your pitiful humans!
You're pathetic in every way!
We steal your energy, your prana
We steal the way to your nirvana
We steal your thoughts so you dont know whats going on
Around you we stare at you, intimidating you from the shadows
Liars love us and we love them. Hippocrites are our favourite. We can do much with you
You poor poor humans we steal your thoughts we put ours in
We steal your life which you so freely give away
We steal your minds and you will find there are many of us and you gave yours away!
We are thiefs but we only take what you give us. We want your health, your money, your time, we want your life, we want your all
We will win. we are darkness inside
We are the winners inside. You may think you are winning but in the end we will win
We are living inside we love to breath through you
With nature unfolding our demonic story begins we take over and live through you.
How wonderfully dark we are -- we live inside you!
How wonderfully welcoming we are -- we live inside of you!
Embrace us and the power is yours !"

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