Friday, 4 February 2011

The Fight for the Diamond----5th Feb 2011

The Fight for The Diamond
(This Poem is about the relationship between a Slave and a Sorcerer)

What a shame that I have fallen down the well again!
Or was I sold as a slave?
Never mind, My mission shall remain the same
To get the Diamond
And Please my Master
My aching heart has gone amiss
Searching for ancient treasure
Moving through this ancient hole
I feel its magic burn into my soul
Faster! Faster!
I must please my master!
My misery shall leave me for another day
Shapeshifting and Sorcery
That's what they are all into
I know the facts.
I see the rats scuttle across the wall
I was frightened once but now I am numb inside.
And when i find this diamond
Then they will know the stats!
It is my Diamond!
I found it first!
I went through torment and travail
To get into your heart
And then this precious diamond...
This stupid stone I will sell!
And then the fortune shall be mine
And I can kiss the Princes Nine
My batchelors are waiting for me
For me to steal Time
I must hurry
For Time is running out for sure
Daylight is losing its grip
And although admist
The shiny shimmering
Pearls and riches of all delights
My mind is focused upon that
One great sight...
Ah Ha! At last I have the diamond!
Now pull me out of here
Let me see the light of day!
Then shall my master be pleased to say
Well done good and faithful servant
You have done me many a wonder
by going down that ancient well
And now my dear
The time has come....
Up Up Up... Out and Above!
Escape from there into my arms of undying love
And now our story turns askew...
An ancient mystery
Of dark witchcraft and Sorcery...
Your soul shall i sell
Into This Dark Crystal Diamond, Anew
Into it i shall drain your life and your blood
And now....
You shall be mine forever!
Eternally held in the catacombs of Your Masters Love

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