Wednesday, 12 January 2011

You are My Sun Shine-------12th Jan 2011

You are My Sun Shine..............12th Jan 2011

You are my Sun Shine
You owned the world
While I stole the Sun
You held back the Rain
And my old story went down the Drain
You eased the Pain
And showed me life was to gain
And now Death never sleeps
While the Saints count the Sheep
You are my Sun Shine
You are the Cosmos
You are the Stars
The heavens
The life on Mars
And the worlds beyond
And what for the Sea Blue Deep?
You are my Sun Shine
My Pool of Paradise
My open chest of bare memories
Fate has rolled the dice
A signature from Above
An ancient story of Love unbound
Alice is tumbling through the Ground
The stars are singing
It's scientifically proven
While you have shown me
True Love
And now my heart is Groovin
To this Song of Love
And New beginnings
My Love is growing more and more for You
Each day
And every day that passes
My Heart is filled
With Love for you.
And walking through the grasses
And walking up the Hills
Every Day
In every Way
I am singing
You are My Sun Shine !

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