Tuesday, 11 January 2011

You knew about the Flood--- 11th Jan 2011

 You Knew About The Flood-----11th Jan 2011

You knew about the Flood
You swam through my Blood
You made a pact with the Devil
You saw Seven Eleven
So what then are you living for?
Can hardly fathom
The crippled fractals of Time
That are spinning in your head
Makes your sister look dead.
Your Freedom
is the answer to your soul
It's the answer
that chased the mole
Up the tree
that chased the vole
that Chased Alice
Down the rabbit Hole...
Your soiled sheets
Your blantant cheats
And you still
Have the ordacity
To take away my viginity
And sell your soul.
When you knew about the Flood
You knew about the damage.
Bondage and Bandages
Your making my heart ache
I ate your mothers best cakes
I saw you at the Gate
You knew about the Flood
You knew about the damage it would cause
Now your shoes are filled with water
And Blood
You can deny it no longer
You knew
About the Flood.

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