Thursday, 10 February 2011

No more Pretense

No More Pretense.....................11th Feb 2011

I'd sooner hang around with the makers
Rather than the annoying fakers
The plastic smile, synthetic voice, the camp act
Where the majority are so side-tracted
I would sooner be your man
And live in a hippie's caravan
In the South of France
Than watch that contempary dance
Where the people are so demanding!
I'd lie on a hot beach with you and sing
And I will hear your breathe out like the sea
You are so heavenly! --

We will break free from all our concern
And now I see clearly - It is time to turn
Over a new leaf or two
Where moving closer to You
is the most wonderful option
For the future is truly
A great big open highway
Where there is no more unnecesary friction
For it's not yet doomsday
So now you see things from my way
And we live in our own little world
And with my passion unfurled
Its safer that way - I have to say
Iceland's volcano may spew at any moment
But my heart is far from being dormant
The weather may change radically
And I know it may be risky
And there will be strange storms
But my heart is being transformed
Because as long as I'm with you
Everything makes sense
For there is no more pretense
I am spending my life with you and thats a fact
There is no more silly act
What you see is what you get
And I will never forget
Who you are to me and what we have together
I know our love will last forever ! xxx

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